A little over a year ago, I purchased this pair of Joyfolie shoes. Yes, I wasn’t pregnant at that time, nor did I have a girl, but they were beyond adorable, one of a kind and I was able to snag them. I told myself when I got pregnant the second time around and had a girl it would be perfect, and well… if I had a boy, I had a niece who would look amazing in these.


When I got them, they were even prettier in person and I started dreaming of decorating a baby girl nursery using these shoes as inspiration. Beige, browns, reds and mint… all vintage style. I would purchase a red vintage gumball machine. I actually found the same fabric online and would plan the bedding accordingly (clearly not all in that fabric, but maybe some throw pillows etc.). I was even thinking of framing the shoes, until baby girl could wear them, as an art piece for the room. The only thing I couldn’t quite figure out was my glider. I have a beautiful gray houndstooth glider which would clash with my vision. Being the girly girl I am and wanting everything to match, it really bothered me, even moreso now that I was having a girl. I decided to switch my plans.

This was inspiration #2 for my new nursery — these beautiful mint shoes, again from Joyfolie. I love the idea of mint in a baby’s girl room and these shoes really are beautiful. The fabric, the embellishment all are so very dainty, and I see it would fit perfectly with my vision of what baby girl would look like.

Mint is a recurring color and one I love for a girl’s nursery, combined with grays, blush pinks, corals, and steel blue. It’s very uncommon for a nursery, but the combo is beyond pretty. Just look at this beautiful collage from Green Wedding Shoes — it’s exactly what I envisioned for my nursery palette.
I wanted to stay away from classic baby themes like butterflies, animals, and Disney characters, so creating something unique and not too theme-ish turned out to be quite the challenge. But I love when 1 thing sparks a waterfall of ideas.

Did you have an inspiration starting point for your nursery?

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