Here is a fun activity for the little ones this holiday season: Christmas tree decals. Let them peel, stick and re-stick their time away. It is a fun way to get them to have quiet time to create without any mess. Vinyl decals are nothing new, but sheets of colored vinyl at the craft store certainly are. What used to be difficult to source is now readily available down the street. These reasonably priced sheets come in an array of colors and I found my sheets at Joann’s.  Buy a few sheets and cut into any shape you desire and let them play away.

You will need:

vinyl sheets in various colors (go to store to buy individual sheets)
cutting mat
straight edge
exacto knife or rotary cutter

Take your green sheet and place it on the cutting mat. You will be cutting a triangle for the tree.  Start at one corner, point A. From point A, measure 8 inches and make a tick mark, point B. From the opposite side measure 4 inches from that corner and make a tick mark, point C. Place your ruler on Point A connect it to point C. Cut with the exacto knife. Now lay the ruler down, connecting point B and point C. Cut with the exacto knife.

To make the ornaments, aka dots, use a round lid or template and trace on the backside of various colored strips of vinyl. Cut with scissors.

To assemble, peel off the backings and stick.

I decorated the boys’ table so they can be happily decorating and redecorating as I make dinner. What’s really great is that they ate right on top, over the decorations. Since it is vinyl, I just wiped away any mess that fell off their plates. It’s fun and easy, and you could use different shapes of vinyl for any occasion. It also makes a great temporary party decoration!