When I first came across the Yumbox bento box on Pinterest a couple months ago, I had to give it a try. It features a leak-proof lid so each compartment stays sealed, and I had been looking for something just like it now that Charlie is starting pre-k.

You probably know that we’re big fans of bentos because it helps us pack a variety of food and makes lunches look so nice, which helps the kids eat better. But many of you still probably think they’re kind of crazy and time-consuming to make. Since I don’t do anything special to the food anymore, it really doesn’t take that much longer to pack than a regular lunch. I typically pack some dinner leftovers (usually protein & veggie), cut up some fruit, toss in a snack or two, and I’ve been packing 2 lunches in 15 minutes lately. You really don’t have to do anything at all to make a bento look great, especially when you use a fun bento box!

We thought it might be fun to feature yumboxes from some of the talented bento bloggers out there so you can see how simple or complicated bentos can be… it all depends on what you want to do! Read on for bento inspiration galore!

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We’ve featured the multi-talented Jill from Meet the Dubiens on Hellobee before! Check out her blog for bento inspiration, fun food ideas, and lots of great crafts and activities for kids!

Bent On Better Lunches features healthy lunches she packs for her 5 picky kiddos ages 4-11! We particularly like the bee themed bento below!

Nina is a military mama of 4 and chronicles lunches she makes for her kids as well as other recipes on her blog Mamabelly.

Ladybug Lunches blogs about the lunches she packs for her picky little ladybug.

Another Lunch was the first bento blog I started reading. Her bentos always look great and give you lots of inspiration if you want to do a little something more to your lunches.

Maia, one of the cofounders of Yumbox, lives in France and is mama to a picky little girl of her own. She is a big believer in the Mediterranean diet, and shares some of the lunches she’s packed for her little girl below.

Here are links to all the blogs again. Even if you don’t want to pack bentos, their blogs are a great source of inspiration on what to pack for your little ones!

I’m going to do an in depth review of the Yumbox and my other favorite bento boxes in an upcoming post, and we have a Yumbox giveaway coming up so stay tuned!