I’m always looking for new ideas on what to feed the kids, so hopefully these ideas the Bees share below are helpful to you! Note these questions were answered a several months ago, but the answers are arranged in chronological ages of our little ones!

We’re just starting solids, but at 7 months favorites are:

– Oatmeal with some kind of puréed fruit (pears, peaches, etc) mixed-in

* Avocado mashed with a hard boiled egg yolk, lime juice and garlic powder
* Sautéed spinach with garlic and lemon juice
* Green beans sautéed with garlic


milk, microwaved egg (sometimes with peas or spinach mixed in) and a fruit (banana or tangerine)

If he could choose, probably avocado cubes, cheese cubes, sliced tomato, sautéed greens with some sort of dressing, and turkey dogs.

He loves proteins, especially venison! He also likes sautéed greens, like kale or mustard greens. He loves sweet potatoes. Sometimes I make a hash with roasted sweet potatoes, greens, sausage or ground venison, and feta cheese. He really likes that meal!

Past favorites were: beans, spaghetti, and chicken tikka masala.

Little C – almost 14 months

– Waffle with peanut butter with Cheerios and fruit
– 2 eggs, scrambled with Cheerios and fruit
– bagel and cream cheese with…you guessed it… Cheerios and fruit

Lunch and Dinner are interchangeable at our house – here are a few of our favorite things:
– Ground turkey made into tacos, marinara meat sauce, turkey burgers, meatballs
– Chicken prepared any number of ways – with soyaki marinade, marinated in vinaigrette and grilled, etc.
– Turkey hot dogs, cheese tortellini, grilled cheese, PB&J

All of these are typically served with a variety of veggies that would normally accompany whatever we eat (which C usually avoids) and fruit (which he guzzles). We avoid most dairy outside of his daily milk because he LOVES milk and gets more than enough.

– Berries with yogurt
– banana pancakes
– green smoothie

– turkey and cheese (he doesn’t care for bread) and fruit.
– On hot summer days he LOVES sucking on frozen fruit or peas!
– Quinoa pasta with cheese

– It always amazes me how much he loves vegetables. He will eat almost any veggie: beets, squash, peas, carrots, celery etc. Any meal with steamed veggies is a favorite.
– beef stew
– Rice with amino acids (soy sauce alternative) – and usually serve it with a stir fry or beef.

Little P always has the same thing for breakfast, so I say: Oatmeal with Blackstrap Molasses and Fruit

The fruit varies, but his favorites are banana and oranges. He loves it if we add bacon to the menu. 

Almond Butter and Jelly Sandwich with fruits and veggies
Turkey Lunch meat and leftover pasta
Sweet Potato, cheese stick, with other fruits and veggies as sides

Tacos (Little P has all the ingredients separately instead of wrapped in a tortilla)
Crock Pot Roast with veggies

Little M, 19m

– Omelet with cheese and a sauteed green veggie – broccoli, spinach or kale
– Pumpkin pancakes
– Scrambled eggs with Jimmy Dean sausage (it’s a treat for special days when Daddy is home)

We pack a bento every day so there’s never really any one favorite lunch, but some of his favorite bento items are:
– Yo Baby yogurts (blueberry is his fave I think)
– Blueberries
– Fresh mozzarella cheese
He also loves his smoothies when he comes in from spending the morning at the park.

– Grilled Salmon
– Grilled cheese on GF bread
– Sausage, bean & sage casserole

Little Y, 25 months:


– Eggs and sausage, fruit
– Pancakes pancakes pancakes, fruit
– Cheerios and fruit


– Chicken quesadilla, fruit
– Grapes, crackers and tofu
– Grilled cheese, fruit


– Pizza, fruit
– Grilled chicken, carrots, peas, fruit
– Any kind of filled pasta … and fruit!

Fruit is a staple of any meal in our house. Our grocery bills have skyrocketed since he started eating table food!

– overeasy eggs with soy sauce
– scrambled eggs with ketchup
– plain oatmeal and banana slices

– bento box with 2 fruits, cheese, veggie, oatmeal or brown rice, and a protein. She never ever eats the protein, but I keep trying. 

– soup and rice (she loooves soup)
– pizza and pasta

She is a carb-a-holic, and refuses to eat meat!

– Yogurt
– Pancakes
– Bagels or Muffins

– Grilled Cheese
– Chicken Nuggets
– Peanut Butter Sanwiches

About the same as lunch — he doesn’t have a lot of variety in his diet.

Throughout the day he likes to snack on fruits (bananas, peaches, applesauce), crackers, Goldfish, Vegetable Sticks.

Now that LMW is eating table foods, they’re pretty similar in what they like (but LMW likes veggies a lot more than WJ does!). Lunch and dinner tend to be interchangeable in our house as well like @Mrs. Confetti.

scrambled eggs, pancakes, bananas, blueberries, grapes, yogurt, bagels (breakfast foods are always the favorite for all the Wagons!).

– Pizza
– spaghetti and meatballs
– macaroni and cheese (any kind of pasta really)
– any kind of breaded chicken
– pan fried dumplings
– steamed broccoli

pancakes (this gluten-free pancake mix is our favorite) w/ bacon or breakfast sausage
– oatmeal w/ raisins or banana and brown sugar
– green smoothies (kale or spinach + whatever fruit we have on hand + coconut or flax milk + chia seed + hemp seed)


On the weekends we usually eat lunch out since we’re often out and about.

During the week they get gento boxes always comprised of fruit, veggie, protein, and sometimes dairy/grain/snack. Olive also gets a brothy soup every day. Their favorite fruits are: raspberries, strawberries, watermelon and mandarins (they’ve been really horrible this year though). Their favorite veggies are peas, cucumber, and avocado (technically a fruit). Their favorite proteins are hot dogs and fried eggs. There are some things they will eat at dinner that they won’t eat when packed into their lunches because they tend to eat a little better when food is freshly cooked. They also like cheese, yogurt, olives, pickles.

Charlie didn’t like pizza for most of his life, but after being exposed to it at every birthday party, he does like it now. Especially the pepperoni! Olive likes it too.

– Brothy Korean soup w/ rice — sullungtang (beef bone broth), chicken porridge, seaweed soup, and miso soup
– baked salmon with asparagus sauteed in butter (Olive likes salmon more than Charlie who just tolerates it. Sometimes she devours it, sometimes she doesn’t touch it).
– chicken teriyaki and shrimp tempura (we regularly order this in)

– yogurt with fruit and granola
– oatmeal with fruit
– eggs and bacon

During the school year, I pack him a bento with varying proteins, fruits and veggies. When school is out, here’s what he enjoys:

– Tuna salad or egg salad sandwiches
– Turkey and cheese roll-ups with a side salad
– Leftovers of any kind 

– Salmon with rice and sauteed veggies
– Pizza or Pasta
– Any variety of Korean food

Each of the kids have their particular favorites but these are some that they all seem to like. Each main dish I usually have with two different sides like fruits and veggies or on occasion a starch.

– whole wheat apple cinnamon pancakes (I am working on perfecting my recipe but they still eat all of my trials)
– oatmeal
– Raisin Bran (I convinced them that it was a fun cereal because the raisins have sugar on them)

– Quesadilla
– deconstructed meat sandwiches, For some reason they don’t want the whole thing but they will eat sliced meat, cheese and a piece of bread.
– Dinner left overs. (If it was something they really liked)

– home made pizza, they love to pick their own toppings
– tacos (chicken, beef or fish)
– Pasta

 .  .  .  .  .

Please share some of your little one’s favorite breakfasts, lunches, and dinners!