Hello again! It has been a while since I have been around the blog. In October, Mr. Lion and I got a wild hair and decided we were ready to bite the bullet and sell our cozy little home so that we can build a house a little further out in the country! We found some land, sold our house, moved to an apartment, and are beginning the custom home building process! It has been fun but SO busy!

land collage

Now that we are the happy owners of 2+ acres of woods, we are excited to find new ways for our little people to enjoy the great outdoors! The thing I am most excited about building for them (other than, you know, the new house) is a mud kitchen!

In case you have no idea what I am talking about, a mud kitchen is just an area outside set up for kids where they can use dirt and other nature-y ingredients to cook up their own interesting concoctions. Neither of my kids have been particularly impressed with our play kitchen inside, but I have a feeling once they can get their hands messy they might change their tune. Plus, it gives them something fun to do while Mr. Lion and I scope out the progress on the build.

Our mud kitchen is still in progress, but I thought I would share some inspiration photos (and links!) to mud kitchens from around the web. They can be super elaborate or simple. Ours is probably going to be somewhere in between. All you really need are some old pots and pans, a water source, and a work surface. This could be a tree stump, an old plastic play kitchen, or an actual “kitchen” built from old reclaimed wood.

1. This to me is glorious! I would love to eventually build the sides to add more counter space, but for now we are sticking with just the center section. I love the bars to hang pots and pans from.

mud kitchen 1

2. I love the re-purposing of the kitchen sink here! We considered trying to find one at a local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, but decided a plastic basin would have to do for now.

mud kitchen 2

3. I love that this one is built right into their sand pit. And the dish rack is a nice touch.

mud kitchen 3

4. I love the flowers built into the top of this one! Might be a nice place to grow herbs too, for the little hands to use real ingredients in their “recipes”.

mud kitchen 4

5. The great thing about plastic kitchens is that they can so easily be hosed off! And all of the kitchen features are already built in, of course!

mud kitchen 6

6. I LOVE this painted food. Baby Lion and I collected some rocks, and this is the next project on our list!

mud kitchen food

7. Other things we are collecting for our mud kitchen: colanders, wooden and plastic utensils, spice jars, egg cartons, plastic eggs, old pots and pans, muffin tins, ice trays, cheese graters, and a mortar and pestle.


Do you have a mud kitchen? What kinds of things do you think your kiddos would enjoy having in the