Living in a house with a whole other family with kids means that I have very few things I need to buy. We have a 3 year old, 2 year old, a 6 month old and the baby will be here in a couple months! So when I got asked if I wanted a baby sprinkle, I said, “honestly, that’s so sweet of you to offer but I don’t need anything!” Here are my staple items that I’ve locked down and am planning to use:

1.) Baby onesies: I know better now than to get cute clothes for a baby age 0-1. They grow so fast and they almost spend their entire days changing in and out of onesies. If I did get hand-me-down clothes, I simply asked for plain onesies or for clothes in sizes over 12 months. (H&M and Carters brands are my favorite.)


2.) Rock ‘N Play: Baby Pencil used this for all of his naps until he was 5 months old, so I’m pretty sure we will be using this to keep the baby propped up after feedings. It’s so easy to fold up and travel with as well. The only thing about this is that the backing is fuzzy so it can get a little hot. Luckily, I finally live in a house with central AC so hopefully it won’t be a huge issue!



3.) White Noise Machine: Baby Pencil still uses his noise machine at age 3! I know he could sleep without it but we have a busy, loud house so I figure might as well just keep using it. I’ll be passing his over to the new baby when she’s born.


4.) Baby Swing: Baby Pencil didn’t really enjoy his swing so his old one is practically new! I’m hoping the new baby will like it because it’s a great way to put the baby down with soft music and a bit of entertainment.


5.) Burp cloths/handkerchiefs: I know these are used so frequently so I love having them around everywhere. I love the soft, thin kinds that can be used to wipe, bathe and wipe away any drool or spit up. I actually loved the ones that the hospital gave us, so I’m hoping to snag some more!


6.) Bottles: I’m planning on supplementing with formula until my milk comes in, and I love the Playtex drop-ins because they made washing so easy! I have the bottles ready to go, but I am planning on just buying new nipples in various flow sizes.


7.) Changing Table: I know so many people said they never needed an actual changing table but I loved having one! They are set at the perfect height so you don’t have to bend over as you’re changing diapers 15x a day. Plus you have a storage area for all your wipes and diapers. I got one handed down to me and my sister has another one upstairs. It’s nice to have changing tables out in communal areas so we can quickly get to a station. Our current house has 3 different changing stations!


8.) Rainforest Jumperoo: For some reason, this one seems like the most popular choice. I won’t be using this for a few months but it’s such an expensive (yet very entertaining) piece of furniture that I’m glad I don’t have to buy! I think all of our kids loved the jumperoo!


By now, most of my surrounding mommy friends are having their 2nd or 3rd kids so they’re handing off all their ridiculous “why did I buy this” items onto me. This includes adorable, tiny baby shoes and fancy outfits for newborns. I also took the really useful hand-me-down items, like extra diapers, bathing suits for newborns, different baby wearing wraps, breast pumps, swaddles and bibs. I figure you can always have more of those things!

I also am trying to emotionally prepare myself for 2 major things I did not do with Baby #1: breastfeeding (on-contact) and baby wearing. I hope I can stick to those things and really give it a shot. (But I’m also aware that the 4th trimester is all about survival mode and I shouldn’t beat myself up if I can’t do it.) Onward!