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The Answer to Everything

Umm.  Have you seen this?  The headline made me tear up.  The headline, people.  Just the headline.  If you don’t feel like clicking, or if you’ve used up your free NY Times article for the month, the headline is “In Parents’ Embrace, Infants’ Heart Rates Drop”. I’ll give you a minute to think about that. [...]

Two Months

Eloise is racing towards the three month mark at a much faster pace than I would like.  Three months means going back to work for me, packing away yet another set of clothes for her, and just generally lamenting how quickly time is passing.  Suffice it to say, I am holding onto two months with [...]

Back in my halycon Mama days

What’s in a name?

I’ve been a mother for two years, five months, and a handful of days.  I’ve been mama since the day Owen first started calling me that – long after he started referring to the cat by name, I might add. But I’ve only been Mommy since yesterday. And, to be honest? I’m not quite sure [...]


Cooking with Toddlers: Broccoli Nugget Edition

Even though we can’t really claim any credit for it, Mr. Chalk and I have always secretly prided ourselves on Owen’s extensive palate.  For the longest time, he would pretty happily eat whatever we put in front of him, be it turnips or fish or any number of things that even I wouldn’t touch.  (Exception: [...]


Month One Survival Gear

People are great.  I love people.  In the last six weeks, we’ve had neighbors show up at our door with homemade soup and an extra pan of brownies.  Relatives come by to entertain our toddler and switch the laundry into the dryer.  Co-workers have sent surprise packages with gifts for the whole family. Yup, people [...]

When to Cut Yourself Some Slack

Little Eloise has been here for six weeks.  Long enough that she has officially outgrown her newborn clothes, but short enough that people in the store still open their eyes real wide and say “awww…” when they see her.  Long enough that I will soon get my official “healed” stamp from my midwife and be [...]


Valentine’s Craft for the Toddler Set

If I had to choose a relationship status for myself and Pinterest, it would definitely be “It’s complicated.”  I love seeing the recipes and craft ideas that friends post, and somehow have managed to pin over 900 things, ideas, or tips.  And yet?  If I had to go back and give an honest assessment of [...]

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