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The Struggle is Real

I don’t even know where to begin this post. I’ve started and stopped it so many times, and even now, I don’t know the best way to present my findings. My original post was supposed to be something along the lines of “Potty Training Success,” but I’ve decided I don’t want to wait any longer […]

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Nope, No Thank You, Not Right Now

Well, I’ve completely surprised myself. I imagined feeling differently by now but the truth is, at this current moment, I am NOT ready to have another child. After my first son was born, I wanted all the babies! I had so much baby fever and was elated to become surprise pregnant at 10 months postpartum. […]

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Fighting with My Husband

So I had this elaborate and typical Mrs. Cookie intro paragraph written out but I’ve decided to not use it. I’m just going to cut to the chase and be real with you guys. I’m mean to my husband sometimes for no good reason. There, I said it. I remember the first time I admitted this […]


3 Years and Forever

My oldest turned 3 years old recently and it has me reflecting a lot on my parenting journey thus far. I feel like I’ve been a mother forever. Sure, I can remember a time when I was not a parent, but becoming a mother has been such a wonderful and comfortable piece of my life that […]

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Raising Toddlers Close in Age

“Don’t forget that your older child is still quite young. Don’t expect them to act older than their age.” I replay this advice in my head often these days as a stay-at-home parent of two young children. I first heard it last year in a two-year-olds parenting class when the discussion was surrounding sibling relationships. It […]


What My Parents Never Taught Me

I had a very wholesome and traditional childhood. My parents are wonderful people and I’m so grateful for everything they have given me, most of all a stable and loving home. Of course they weren’t perfect, no one is, and as I ventured into adulthood, I found quite a few things for which I wish […]

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Three Day Potty Training

This post has been difficult to write because on the one hand, I’m not entirely sure this method has worked for us, but on the other hand, Crumb understands the concept and is completely out of diapers. We started the three day potty training method almost two weeks ago and after a couple of successful days, Crumb has started […]

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