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Medela Freestyle vs. Pump in Style

When I was pregnant with Miss H, I didn't do a whole lot of research into pumps. I had heard the Medela brand enough to determine that I'd probably buy a Medela. And when I started looking at the different models, I mostly focused on price. They were all fairly expensive but the price difference [...]

cups for toddlers

Roundup: Toddler Cups

We've been a bit lazy in the Hopscotch household and have had Miss H using the same OXO straw cup for probably the past year. As she's now 2 1/2 years old and has been drinking out of an open, regular cup since she started daycare in April, we're a bit behind on ditching the [...]


Gear Guide: Formula Feeding Twins

Since we made the decision to primarily formula feed the twins (with the exception of the roughly 10-12 ounces of breast milk I pump per day), we've had to get our gear and routine together to help support formula feeding. Some items of gear we already had from when Miss H was a baby -- [...]


Sharing Newborn Night Duty

I recently shared what a 24 hour period is like for us right now with 4 week old twins. What I didn't get into is how Mr. H and I are choosing to divide up baby duties overnight. The first few nights at home with the twins were rough. The babies were up non-stop, Mr. [...]


A Day with 4 Week Old Twins

With Miss H, I loved that I tracked what some of our days were like schedule-wise in the early days, including when Miss H was 2 1/2 weeks old. It's really fun to look back on, especially right now when I'm sleep deprived - it's made me realize I was just as sleep deprived back [...]


Choosing to Formula Feed

I was able to successfully provide breast milk for Miss H until she was 10 months old, after which we switched to formula. My milk supply was never amazing so by 10 months I just couldn't keep up with pumping enough for her and since I work full time out of the house; I could [...]


Hopscotch Twins Birth Story

As I recently shared, the Hopscotch twins arrived! Already a few weeks old, I want to make sure I get their birth story written down so that I don't forget the details. Here I am right at 37 weeks pregnant - whoah! I still can't believe I got that big, however, I had two big [...]

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