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Flat Heads & Helmets

At around 7 weeks we noticed that the twins had slightly flat heads. At their 8 week well visit their pediatrician noticed it as well but didn’t seem concerned; she told us that they each needed to look left a little bit more while sitting in their rock-n-plays, swings, etc. At their 4-month well visit appointment […]


Recipe: Cauliflower Orecchiette

A few years ago we received a copy of Cat Cora’s cookbook Classics With a Twist. We quickly fell in love with many of the simple, delicious, and family-friendly recipes. And while we tried many recipes from the book, one has stuck with us time and time again – her recipe for cauliflower orecchiette. It […]

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Managing Clothes with Boy/Girl Twins

Once we knew we were having boy/girl twins, I set about gathering and organizing clothes. I had kept almost everything of Miss H’s so I had plenty of “girl” clothes as well as a good amount of gender neutral clothing, as we had not revealed Miss H’s gender before she was born. For “boy” clothes […]


Sleep Training Twins – The Not So Scary Details!

The sheer thought of sleep training twins had me terrified, let alone actually having to actually follow through and do it! Ultimately my fears were based on three huge factors: I have never sleep trained before for night sleep, only for Miss H’s naps way back when, so I was fairly intimidated by it all. […]


Why We Cloth Diaper Our Twins

I’m pretty sure some people thought I was far too ambitious when I said that I was definitely going to cloth diaper the twins. But with all of the things I was uncertain about when it came to being the mother of infant twins and a toddler, cloth diapering didn’t even enter my mind – […]


Probiotics & Boosting Immunity

For the first two years of Miss H’s life, she was cared for by a nanny with one other little girl who was around her age. During that time, she only got sick with a few run-of-the-mill colds and a bout of Hand, Food, Mouth Disease. Right when she turned two years old we started her in […]


Infant Sleep & the Magical Sleepsuit

Have an infant who is constantly breaking out of his or her swaddle but who is very clearly not at all ready to fitfully sleep when given the freedom of a sleep sack (or just plain old pj’s)? I just so happen to have two of these babies in my house! And so I present […]

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