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Monitored vs. Relaxed Pregnancy

Beyond the fact that I’m carrying two babies this time around versus one, this pregnancy has been wildly different in many other ways. Since I had a super relaxed experience the first time around, I thought it would be interesting to compare the differences. OBGYN Office vs. Midwife Office Pregnancy 1: I saw a team of [...]


Adjusting Life for a Twin Pregnancy

I wasn’t terribly worried about keeping up with Miss H during this second pregnancy; my pregnancy with her was complication-free and I’d hoped for the same the second time around. Plus, I work full-time so my time with Miss H is limited to before/after work and the weekends. However, twins definitely changed the playing field [...]

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Hopscotch Twin Nursery Reveal!

During all of our house selling/hunting madness, I had a very hard time connecting with my twin pregnancy because I didn’t know where we’d be living when we brought them home from the hospital. Which meant I couldn’t visualize their nursery – would it be a big or small room? Hardwood floors or carpet? Could [...]


House Hunting: 3 Kids Under 3

When Mr. H and I found out we were having twins, we immediately went into action to get out of the house we were in and into a home with a better set up for our (quickly!) growing family. Our space just did not lend itself to having three children under the age of three, and [...]


Bump Update & Twin Prep

My last bump shot was at 15 weeks (before we even knew we were having twins!), but I finally got around to taking one recently at 27 weeks. For fun, I also have my 27 week bump shot when I was pregnant with Miss H. A little different, wouldn’t you say?! Pregnancy #1 at 27 weeks:


Hopscotch Twins & Life Updates!

It’s been a while since my last blog post where I shared our big TWINS news! I’ve missed sharing what’s been happening in the Hopscotch household these days. However, it has been because of all the activity lately that I haven’t been able to share anything – there has just been too much going on for me to catch [...]

We’re Having…

…TWINS! (As you can see, Miss H is super excited!) Remember when I shared my 15-week bump (and how much more I’d “popped” this time around)? Well, apparently there was a reason – I was carrying around two babies and didn’t even know it! We’re still in a bit of shock at the news, but [...]

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