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Second Birthday Inspiration: Picnic!

Last year, I had so much fun planning Miss H’s rainbow first birthday party! Of course I spent far too much time with planning, crafting décor, making the cakes, etc. It was worth every single minute, but wow I was wiped out at the end of it all! This year, we’re going for a bit [...]


Transitioning to Daycare

A little while back I shared that Miss H will be transitioning from her nanny share to a daycare. When I wrote the post the changes still felt so far away. Now, we’re at less than 2 weeks away from big changes! Time is moving too fast. Backpack on and ready for school! When I [...]


Quest for the Perfect Baby Soap

Before Miss H was born, I didn’t do a lot of research about baby soap. I knew that California Baby was generally considered to be a good brand so I bought a bottle of it. And while we liked it, at about $14.00 for 8.5 ounces, it felt a little bit pricey. After that ran [...]


Hopscotch Potty Training Tips

Not to jinx myself, but I feel like potty training so far has been a really great, positive experience overall! After a little bit of a slow start, Miss H has really embraced the whole concept of the potty. Here’s the Hopscotch family’s potty training tips (note: I’m obviously not a potty training expert — [...]

candy free easter eggs

Easter Eggs Without Candy

Last year we didn’t do much for Easter – we took Miss H to see the Easter Bunny and I bought an Easter basket from the $1 aisle at Target, which I filled with a few new books. It was cute and worked out perfectly for our almost-1-year-old. This year, Miss H will be just turning [...]


Cauliflower Macaroni & Cheese

We are always looking for new recipes that are easy to throw together while also integrating some vegetables wherever possible. And if the recipe just happens to be a delicious, childhood comfort food, then that’s a huge added bonus! I didn’t start liking cauliflower until I was an adult, but once I fell in love [...]


Toddler Toothbrushing

Miss H used to be all on board with brushing her teeth – she thought it was fun and loved holding the toothbrush. She was generally ok with us getting in there and doing our best to actually brush her teeth (as she just liked to hold the toothbrush and chew on it). Then, a [...]

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