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Bunk bed hack!

I know I haven't posted in a while, but I recently undertook a project that I thought was worth sharing. It wasn't that hard, gives my girls great joy, and is highly functional. Mrs. Bee has even blogged about some of the hacks that gave me inspiration. We bought the Ikea Kura bed, with the [...]

Coming to peace about family size

I hope you don’t mind if I reminisce for a bit. Back in 2009, before Hellobee existed, Mr. Jacks and I conceived our first daughter somewhat unexpectedly on our honeymoon. We knew we wanted a baby, but I was 38 at the time, so people (including my physicians) told me to anticipate at least a [...]

Value and cost in adoption

This post is part of the National Adoption Month series. Adoption can be an expensive endeavor. Both domestic infant adoption and international adoption cost about the same amount of money, but for different reasons.  I give some cost estimates from the Adoptive Families yearly survey in this post.  When we chose domestic infant adoption, our [...]


Let's talk about activities and balance

When Little Jacks was our only child, we signed up for classes like Gymboree, Music Together and other baby classes.  It was fun to be involved, meet other parents, and I felt good about the stimulation I was providing our baby.  Once Jack Jack came along though, we just didn't have time for such activities [...]


STEM for toddlers

On a thread some time ago, @Mrs. Lemon Lime, @Blackbird, and @Temperance Brennan suggested that I share how we introduced science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) into our home. As I was reflecting on how to tackle this challenging topic, I realized that we do have a bit of a leg up in our house [...]

Potty training versus toilet learning. What is the difference?

Over time our family has gravitated more and more to a Montessori approach to most things involving our daughters.  There are multiple different ways to do potty training, and they all work pretty well, I think.  Here is a method that we sort of fell into by "accident" (potty pun!) and has worked for us. [...]

talking with children about race

Talking with children about race: Part II

Some time ago, I broached the subject of speaking to children about race.  This is an especially important topic in our family as we raise daughters of two different races to become strong women rooted in their history who are thoughtful about the world.  Recent events have spurred a lot of discussion on the boards [...]

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