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The birth of a story: Deep into darkness

This part of the story was where things got really hard. Please bear with me as I go to a dark place. I promise the ending is much better than this part of the story! We sat in the waiting room for a while. Our case worker went to check in with the nursing staff […]

The birth of a story: Friday the 13th

As I went to bed the night before the C-section after our birth parent dinner, I was overcome with the feeling that something bad was about to happen. When Friday, February 13th was chosen as the C-section date, I hesitantly asked if it could be a different date. ┬áThere is no evidence to say that […]

Birth of a story: birth parent dinner

Sorry there’s been a delay in my telling of the “Theodorable–The Jack of Hearts” birth story. Adoption birth stories already have an extra layer of complexity, since the addition of a new member to one family means a loss to another family… but add in a critically ill baby and the story gets extremely complicated […]


Birth of a story

I wanted to update the Hellobee family as soon as possible with a birth announcement, but things have been hectic and different from what we envisioned for the early days with a new baby. Theodore Francis Valentine was born last Friday morning. The adoption story has been eclipsed by some very serious acute health care […]


You’re sweet: A Valentine

Because of my work schedule, I’m not the most participatory mom when it comes to school events and activities (though I try to be as present as I can). I’ve made it a tradition, though, to always do a little something extra when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Despite the unfortunate (or fortunate as the […]

Less than a week to go: checklist manifesto

Time is running short before we head off to the hospital for the final hill and drop of our current roller-coaster ride. We are in nervous anticipation, but also surprisingly calm. Part of that is because we’ve been so busy with family life. It’s my high season at work, so long hours have been the […]


Family of Four: Eating for $250 a month, Part II

I walked you through what types of things we buy, but now I want to show you how we use it. Every week when we go to the store, I’ve been recording what we buy and I’ve kept a running list of dinners. Keep in mind that we strategically purchase and save things, so there […]

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