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The Name Game (Take 2)

You might remember all the criteria we had when we were picking a name for Jack Jack. We wanted a name that fit with our older daughter’s name, that evoked the spirit of the early twentieth century, that wasn’t too popular currently, and ended in -ia. We hoped we might find a name with family […]


Family of Four: Eating for $250 a month.

Several months ago, I wrote about our lay-off budget. That budget allowed us to come out of Mr. Jacks’ layoff relatively unscathed. Going into this adoption, we knew that we could at least implement that plan without problem. But we also still had a cash shortfall. We needed to do more to afford the two […]


Roller Coaster

I don’t want to be too alarmist, but we may have run into some complications. Some people think of adoption as an easy way to have a baby. But in reality the process is filled with ups and downs. It’s a roller coaster. And like a roller coaster, you can’t get off until the ride […]


Getting 3 from here to there: cars and carseats Part II

After the 4Runner had just left us an ominous message related to his declining health, we were going to have to think seriously about finding a car or SUV that could fit 3 car seats, or succumbing to the mini-van. It was time to have the epic battle of the SUV versus the mini van.  May […]

Getting 3 from here to there: cars and carseats Part I

The first thing that Mr. Jacks said when I told him about possibly adopting Jack Jack’s sibling, “Well, it’s too bad we can’t do it!” When I asked why not, he said very practically, “Because we don’t have a car that can hold 3.” Of course we decided that we could overcome that obstacle, but […]


Telling the girls

As with our last adoption, we have very little time between when we matched and when we’ll be bringing a baby home. This means that there is no time to withhold any of the information from the girls while the situation becomes more stable. We were going to have to tell them about the baby […]

The Amazing Race

Within the first 24 hours of finding out that Jack Jack’s little sibling was soon to be born, we re-worked our entire idea of what our family was going to look like, did extensive calculations about our financial capabilities, and had some emotional conversations with family members and friends. We knew that saying yes would […]

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