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These Happy Golden Years

Theo made a smooth transition to home. The girls really stepped up in those first couple of weeks, which were a blur of doctor visits, well-wishes from friends and family, and emotional processing. I almost fell over one night when the girls volunteered to brush their teeth and get ready for bed by themselves while […]


The birth of a story: nearing the end

After the emotional upheaval of our frank discussion with birth parents about their feelings on placement and the emotional medical roller coaster, we felt like we had pretty much done all the hard stuff. We gave Mama S. and B some time alone with Theo as we all settled emotionally. But when I got back […]

The birth of a story: all the hard questions.

As Theo got┬áhealthier, we all wanted to hold him, feed him, sing to him, or just sit by his crib. But the healthier Theo got, the more we felt like we were in the way. The new rule was that when we were switching out, we had to do it outside the unit so that […]


The birth of a story: settling in

Just before I was about to collapse into bed, I called the night nurse to check in. I figured we would be continuing with routine care, but his nurse was unavailable as she was dealing with a “crisis situation.” This totally flipped me out since I knew she was 1:1 with Baby Theo. They told […]

The birth of a story: a new day

I woke up early in the hope of getting to the NICU before change of shift to see how things had gone overnight. I also wanted to be present when the doctors made rounds, though no one had been able to tell us when they were. So Mr. Jacks tended the kids until our babysitter […]

The birth of a story: embracing uncertainty

At the end of my last post, I was hoping to find some solace by finally spending some time with the baby. After wrapping up my conversation with the neonatologist, we walked into the baby’s room. There were two nurses and a respiratory therapist there rushing around and working with him. A quick scan of […]

The birth of a story: Deep into darkness

This part of the story was where things got really hard. Please bear with me as I go to a dark place. I promise the ending is much better than this part of the story! We sat in the waiting room for a while. Our case worker went to check in with the nursing staff […]

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