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Mrs. Hide and Seek lives in New England with her husband and their 3 year old daughter Paige (who was diagnosed with a mild form of Autism Spectrum disorder) and 11 month old son Noah. Mrs. Hide and Seek had a long road to having her two beautiful children, including a cornual ectopic pregnancy, 3 miscarriages, and a T-shaped uterus. Before becoming a SAHM, she was a self-employed graphic designer, creating wedding invitations, birth announcements, party invitations, letterpress work, and fine art prints. You can follow her on her personal blog Me and Wee, as well as check out her etsy stationery shop here!

Mrs. Hide and Seek joined Hellobee on November 29, 2011, when she was 8 months pregnant with Noah. Below you'll find the highlights of Mrs. Hide and Seek's Hellobee posts.

For all of Mrs. Hide and Seek's posts in reverse chronological order, please click here. Other series by Mrs. Hide and Seek include:

- Mrs. Hide and Seek's ttc journey Series to her first child, Paige
- Mrs. Hide and Seek's monthly updates for her second child, Noah


star 150 square

Role Play

Coming to terms with giving up work and accepting the role of being a SAHM.
paige birth2

The Birth

Paige's birth story.

The Birth, Part II

Paige's birth story part 2: the difficulty of delivering a placenta with a t-shaped uterus, and the long recovery postpartum.

A Nursery for Paige

Paige's stunning mint and yellow nursery.
big girl bed 4

Big Girl Bed

How to make the transition from a crib to a big girl bed.

Little P's Big Girl Room

Paige's big girl room.

What You Talkin' Bout?

What happens when your child gets evaluated for Early Intervention therapies.


Mrs. Hide and Seek's playroom which features areas for reading, music, art, toys, play kitchen, and dress-up.
free play

"Free Play" Used To Be Just Play

The importance of free play.

Antepartum Depression

Dealing with severe antepartum depression after the birth of Noah.

Noah's Nautical Nest

Noah's Nautical Nest Nursery.

On Stay-at-Home Motherhood and Positivity

How to stay positive as a SAHM.
sahm style1

Stay at Home Mom Style and Fashion

Easy ways to look more polished as a SAHM.

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