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I’m a big fan of the babymoon. A babymoon is akin to a honeymoon, except typically taken before a baby arrives. It’s generally viewed as a time to connect, relax, and enjoy activities that may be on pause for awhile after baby comes. Like honeymoons, babymoons can range wildly based on the interests and lifestyle of […]


Our Mini-Babymoon

I had dreams of taking a tropical vacation, a week in Mexico or Costa Rica to celebrate the impending arrival of our bundle of joy. Unfortunately, as a result of a lot of travel we did during the beginning of the year, our travel budget was already stretched way too thin! We talked about going […]


One Last “Big Trip” Part II: Vieques, PR

After our adventures on the mainland of Puerto Rico, we headed to the relaxing, beachy leg of our vacation.  Puerto Rico has two smaller islands, Vieques and Culebra, that are a ferry or small plane ride away from the mainland and are destinations in and of themselves.  We only made it to Vieques, but from […]


One Last “Big Trip” Before Babies: Part 1

If you’ve been on Hellobee long, you know that this post is late in coming since I’m now 21 weeks pregnant.  Better late than never, I hope! Like many of you, Mr. Blue and I really wanted to take “one last big trip” before we had kids and life was irrevocably changed.  We knew we […]


Beach Babymoon on a Budget

We bought our first home a few months after finding out we were expecting, so when it came time to think about a babymoon, we were knee-deep in house expenses. We wanted to get away together one last time before becoming parents, but money was tight. We decided we could afford a babymoon, but only […]

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Babymoon on a Budget

I’ve always liked the idea of going on a “babymoon” – a fun little getaway before the baby arrives! But after buying a new home, we didn’t have a wh0le lot of money to throw around for a trip. So, we investigated our options to take a little trip for as cheap as possible. Mr. […]

Adoptive Babymoon. Who Knew?

There’s an adage in the adoption world that goes something like, “If you want a baby to find its way to your family, there is no better way than to make plans to go on vacation.” This is absolutely true in our case.  We had been holding off on scheduling our yearly Hawaii vacation for […]

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