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Back at work: Day 2 and 3

I went back to work two weekends ago and had a bumpy start on Sunday, and was back at it again the following Saturday. This time I threw some beef and veggies in the crock pot the night before so I would have a heartier dinner to look forward to than a simple bagel. I [...]


What to do when your baby goes on bottle strike

LJ in her favorite spot to take a bottle when she was about 6 months old. Mediagirl asked what to do when your baby won't take a bottle.  I have a lot of experience on this subject!  When Little Jacks was a baby, we made a strong commitment to breastfeeding.  I had been told prior [...]

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Tips & Tricks When Baby Refuses the Bottle

I mentioned in my post yesterday that perhaps breastfeeding was going a little too well because Olive has been rejecting the bottle. Over the Christmas holiday, I exclusively breastfed her for 5 days, and when she was offered a bottle yesterday morning, she threw the biggest fit since she's been born! I'd never seen actual [...]

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