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Summer Camp Planning for School Aged Kids

When Lil’ Miss Louboutin started Kinder, one of the most daunting tasks was figuring out camps. This was new territory for me because her preschool only ever closed for major holidays, and all we had to do was pay a small extra fee on top of our regular tuition to cover the extra fun summer activities […]


A Week in the Life with a School-Aged Kid

It seems like there is a lot of interest in seeing what goes on in the life of a school-aged kid, so I thought I’d share a snapshot of our week. This is a week in the life as a working mom of two, as a full-time telecommuter, with dual drop-offs and pick-ups. Mister Chucks […]


Deciding When to Start Kindergarten

Hi Hive! It’s been a while since I updated you on our lives. A fuller Tiger-Family-Catchup is in the works, but thought I’d first talk about our decision to do the opposite of red-shirting. K is in 1st grade now, and rocking it! His birthday is just after our district’s cutoff (September 1st), and falls […]

This roundup of organization tips for the back to school season will make the transition so much easier on both you and your kids!

Back to School Organization!

Ahhh, back to school season. As a teacher, I’m less than thrilled. Regardless of whether you work in schools or just have kids who go to school, it can be hard to get back in the routine. Here’s a roundup of more than 30 different ideas for getting yourself totally organized and ready for the back […]

First Day Of School Signs

super cute printable back to school signs

I don’t know about you, but I’m in denial about summer nearing its end. I’d like to tack at least another month onto summer! However, back-to-school time comes with new excitement of its own. For me, school supplies are the best part. Mind you, I don’t have any kids of my own, so when I […]

First Day of Kindergarten (and little Sk8er supporting)

Being Class Parent

First Day of Kindergarten (and little Sk8er supporting) This year I volunteered to be D’s kindergarten class parent. I’m not even sure how it came to be, and now that I look back I didn’t even ask if anyone else wanted the job, which was rude (sorry!). Luckily for me the rest of the parents […]

Back to School Countdown: 5 tips to ease the transition

It’s officially five more days until HJ begins 1st grade. Coming to this moment has been somewhat of a tumultuous journey, considering that we had wanted to hold her back two years ago before she entered kindergarten. But because she receives special education services from the public school and has an IEP (individualized education plan), […]

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