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Change Is Coming

Thump thump thump.  From the morning wake up kicks, to the tiny rumbles during our mad afternoons of classes and snacks, to those rippling belly rolls that always seem to happen right as I’m laying down trying to fall asleep, every little bump and thump I feel inside is a reminder that change is coming, […]

Easing Back, Hip and Joint Pain in Pregnancy

Pregnancy has proven to be hard on my back and hips. With Little Oats, I had severe SI joint pain. Any time I switched positions (sitting to standing, laying down to getting up), my back felt like it popped out of place. I could put no weight on my right leg for at least 5 […]

Losing a Twin

In my last post I spoke briefly about losing one of my twins and how I pushed my feelings about it aside to focus on the remaining baby. It took me several weeks to fully process and accept the loss. The first couple of days Mr. P and I talked about how conflicted we felt. […]

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Surviving the First Trimester

Two days after my BFP I went in for my first beta. I knew that my doctor liked to see the first number over 50, and I was incredibly anxious to know what mine was. I went to the clinic as early as possible hoping that would help me get my results faster. The day […]


Quick Snacking Foods for the Busy Pregnant Lady

Now that I’m pregnant with two other children to care for, the biggest challenge I have encountered is finding time to eat, and eat well for the growing baby I have inside me. My days are so hectic and I’m often pinned in a car as we shuffle from Drake’s school and activities that I […]

Baby Gender Old Wives’ Tales

I’m more than half way through this pregnancy and just like many I know or have met along the way, I wonder what I am carrying inside of me. While I don’t regret choosing to be Team Green (much the chagrin of many of my family and friends who are ever so curious), it doesn’t mean […]


My Pregnancy: The Little Heart Scare

I had a pretty uneventful pregnancy. I was lucky. There were a few ‘things’ I had to deal with like gaining a lot of (too much) weight, ‘almost’ having gestational diabetes and dealing with pregnancy induced hypertension toward the end. Each of these things never manifested in a negative, life threatening way, for which I […]

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