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Baby Sea Otter Ultrasound

Hi World!

Hi everyone! I’m Mrs. Sea Otter, and I’m so excited to be a part of Hellobee and share my gestational surrogacy journey with everyone. We’ll be 12 weeks tomorrow and still haven’t told many people, but I’m hoping to make a more official announcement on here once we’re public about the pregnancy. In the meantime, [...]


IUGR diagnosis and a surprise

We were called back after our 19 week ultrasound because apparently some of our images were “unclear.” I was assured that nothing was out of the ordinary and the baby was developing normally, but she was in an unclear position and the ultrasound technician could not properly capture a few of the images of baby’s [...]

Our first family photo

A Complicated Pregnancy – Our Journey to Meet Little Lion – Part 3

My pregnancy had already been complicated (read part 1 and part 2 for more about that), so at the end of my 33rd week when I lost what appeared to be my mucus plug followed by leaking of some clear liquid, I turned to Doctor Google. Some websites said that before 35 weeks you should [...]


A Complicated Pregnancy – Our Journey to Meet Little Lion – Part 2

So, our hiking trip didn’t work out (read more about that in Part 1), but that was okay because we were so filled with joy at the prospect being parents! After our vacation days were up, we tried to carry on with business as usual. I went back to teaching, and Mr. Lion went back [...]

Training with our packs

A Complicated Pregnancy – Our Journey to Meet Little Lion – Part 1

Of all the things I have wanted and worked for in my life, the desire to be a wife and a mom has always been the strongest. When Mr. Lion and I got married, my heart was overflowing with joy and after figuring out our first year as a married couple, we decided we were [...]


Swarm: Did You Suffer From Morning Sickness? How Did You Treat It?

In this edition of the Swarm, the Bees share whether they had morning sickness and what remedies worked best for them! I had morning sickness with both pregnancies. Both times I just had nausea with no vomiting. Both times my nausea started very early on, in the first month, and lasted until I was about [...]

Our Little Deer: The Pregnancy

After announcing our pregnancy, we couldn’t have been happier. It was so nice to let everyone in on the big secret, not to mention how fun it was to see everyone’s excitement for us. That night as our family headed home, we definitely had full hearts (and full tummies – I may have eaten a [...]

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