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Thank You Notes From Toddlers and Babies

Our kids are very fortunate to have many people in their lives who want to give them toys, books and clothes. We want to make sure that our kids show gratitude for these gifts and provide a proper thank you. Here are some fun ideas for thank you notes from toddlers and babies: Let the […]

Creative Thank You Cards

Printable Creative Thank You Notes

For young children it’s not always easy to express their thanks, but it’s still important for them to learn. Even if they can’t write their own name, they can still take a few moments to create a card that expresses gratitude and shows the recipient that they took the time to do so. This printable […]

Stamped Notecards

I love cute note cards and stationery.  I probably have a whole drawer full.  But since that whole drawer full is not yet unpacked and I needed a few thank you notes, it was either a trip to Target or get crafty.  My girl loves getting crafty just as much as I do, so we […]

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