This is a guest post by Julie of Duet Letterpress.

Every year for Father’s Day, my daughter Em and I make her dad a Father’s Day card. We always incorporate her hand print. Last year, I traced it. This year we used finger paints to stamp the card with her hand. And, every year instead of calling it a “Father’s Day” card, we use what she calls him. Last year we made a Happy Dada Day card. This year, she’s moved onto saying Daddy – so a Daddy Day card it is!

Would you like one, too? You can get the Happy Daddy Day Card here. I’ve also designed one for Mommy Day here. Just print it on card stock. Using the crop marks as guides, cut out the card. Stamp or trace your kiddo’s hand. Then, place it inside an A2 size envelope. And you’re done. Enjoy!