If you have paint on hand, spare a few spuds while making dinner and let your little ones make dot art. The tiny fingerling or gold potatoes, which are excellent tossed in olive oil and cracked pepper, also make perfect little polka dots. An added bonus is that they are the perfect size for little fingers to hold. I love that cleanup is easy, the boys are busy while I cook, and I don’t have to carve any shapes.


You will need:

craft paint
tiny potatoes
thick paper

Cut the bottoms off of a few potatoes; one for each color.

Put some paint on a plate, and space the colors generously apart.  A quick hint: use a paper plate for even easier cleanup.  Pop a potato in each color, spread out some paper and let them dot it up. Perfect potato pop art.

What are some of your favorite things to do to distract little ones while you are making dinner?