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Favorite Clothing Stores to Shop For Little Ones

The blogger bees have come together to share our favorite clothing stores to shop for little ones. Read on for the scoop on why we love to shop at certain stores! Gap: It's my *favorite* place to buy clothes for Lil' CB. The quality is great for the price you pay and I like to [...]

Parenthood Is More Than . . .

Parenthood can be more than you ever imagined it to be. It can be more trying, challenging, humbling, taxing, exhausting, and heart-breaking than you ever thought possible. Just your run-of-the-mill meltdown for no apparent reason.

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The Pens' Maternity Session

I was looking forward to my maternity photo shoot before I was even pregnant! I have always loved maternity pictures and find the process of pregnancy so beautiful and magical, the photos that capture that are just as inspirational, emotional and enchanting.

Infant Sleep & Sleep Safety

A few weeks ago, I attended a speaker session for mamas-to-be that focused on infant sleep and safety for newborns.  Janeen Hayward of NYC & Chicago-based parenting resource Swellbeing was the speaker, and she offered many insights on an issue that I think terrifies most new moms, and basically helped answer the question: WILL I EVER [...]


Sienna's 5th & 6th

Hello baby girl; can you believe that you turned 6 months? That's the halfway mark and it seems you are growing at lightning speed. From 4 months to now, so much has happened and you've hit lots of milestones. Here are just a few... Prior to your 4 month birthday, bathtime was your least favorite [...]


The Ins and Outs of Poop, Part 2: the 7 types of poop

Barely two months after we started working with Dr. Tom to treat Charlie's constipation and potty training phobia, Charlie is 1000% improved. I can't believe how long Charlie suffered, and how quickly he improved. I can't recommend enough Dr. Tom's book, The Ins And Outs of Poop. One helpful tip in the book was that [...]


More Merry, Less Meal Prep

Tis' the season to be jolly! Right?! Well due to a big freelance project, and all the demands of the season, I'm finding myself a little more frazzled than festive. But, I decided to change that today. I've been hearing a lot about this "freezer meal" concept for months now. Mostly from friends who are [...]

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