When I was researching which nursing pillow to register for, I kept coming across these two as the top contenders.  Some swore by the My Brest Friend, and others could not live without their Boppy.  I got the Boppy as a registry gift, but also ended up purchasing the Brest Friend, so I was able to test both of them out firsthand!

Mrs. Wagon wrote some awesome posts comparing different gear, so I’m totally stealing her format because imitation is the greatest form of flattery! 


My Brest Friend costs $26.40, and The Boppy costs $35.99

Winner: My Brest Friend



The Boppy has a lot more slipcover options compared to the My Brest Friend, and the designs are all really cute!  The designs range from polka-dots, to flowers and stripes.  The My Brest Friend doesn’t have as many slipcover choices, and I don’t think they’re as cute.

Winner: The Boppy


My Brest Friend comes with a little pocket where you can conveniently store a few small items like nipple cream, and a burp cloth, if you’re so inclined.  This makes it convenient if you have to take your pillow somewhere since all your breastfeeding necessities will already be at your fingertips.  It also comes with a strap that clicks into place around your waist, so if you need to get up for any reason while nursing, it’s easy to do so.  In the early months, this helped a lot because my LO’s would nurse upwards of an hour at a time, and sometimes mama’s gotta pee!  Don’t ask me how many times I nursed while going #1 (and #2).  The Boppy doesn’t come with either of these features.

Winner: My Brest Friend

M U L T I – F U N C T I O N A L I T Y

The Boppy markets itself as a pillow you can use through the stages.  Because of its crescent shape, it can act not only as a nursing pillow, but also as a tool to help prop up your baby, as well as for tummy time.  As far as I can tell, the My Brest Friend can only really be used for nursing.  Because it is so firm and structured, it isn’t conducive for tummy time or helping your little one sit up.

Winner: The Boppy

S U P P O R T  /  F I R M N E S S

The My Brest Friend is made of very firm foam, and is pretty solid.  The Boppy feels more like your typical pillow that you would sleep on, except smartly shaped to wrap around your waist.  In the newborn stage, I vastly preferred the My Brest Friend over The Boppy because my baby would slip off the Boppy easily or get stuck in the center space it created between me and the pillow.  I had no such issues with the My Brest Friend, and it kept my baby securely placed where I wanted him.

Winner: My Brest Friend

L E N G T H  O F  U S E

From 0-3 months, my pillow of choice was the My Brest Friend, but after I pushed through that initial phase of breastfeeding, I turned to the Boppy.  After my babies hit 3 months, I used the Boppy and never looked back.  The firmness of the Brest Friend was great for a floppy newborn who lacked muscle control, but as my baby grew in weight and length, he would hang off the side of the Brest Friend uncomfortably (especially when I had him in a football hold when feeding from my right breast).  The Boppy was much better at allowing his body to conform to it.  The space between me and the pillow also became a non-issue once my baby was bigger because he was too big to fall into the hole.  Instead, the Boppy allowed him to be supported against me in the most natural way possible.  I also used the Boppy for tummy time and for propping when he wasn’t breastfeeding.  It was great!

Winner: The Boppy

E A S E  O F  U S E

Although the latch feature on the My Brest Friend came in handy, I found it to be a struggle to put on at times, especially if I was in a rush to feed a starving, crying baby.  The Boppy was simple because all you do is grab and sit.

Winner: The Boppy


What’s the Final Tally??  4 to 3, with The Boppy winning by a tiny margin!  Phew – that was a close race if I ever saw one!  The Boppy would’ve won by a wider margin if I chose to compare the names of the two products.  Whose grand idea was it to name a pillow the My Brest Friend?  No, just no.


I am honestly glad I got to use both pillows – they both made life a lot easier through a year of breastfeeding.  Like I mentioned earlier, I really needed the My Brest Friend in the first few months of breastfeeding.  The Boppy wasn’t cutting it for me in the beginning and was actually more of an annoyance than anything – my tiny baby kept slipping and sliding, and positioning him on that thing was frustrating; that’s why even though it was given to me as a gift, I still ran out to get myself the My Brest Friend.  After the first three months though, the tables turned, and the My Brest Friend started gathering dust in a corner while I lived and breathed the Boppy.  Same story with both kids.  I am still currently using the Boppy with great satisfaction.

BUT, if I had to choose just one, I would choose the My Brest Friend even though I only loved it for the first 3 months.  Shocking since it’s the “loser” right?  Hear me out – the hardest months of breastfeeding were those first 3 months, the baby and I were still learning our groove, and the My Brest Friend made those endless hours spent tied to my glider a little more tolerable.  Without the My Brest Friend, who knows if I would’ve even met my initial goal of hitting the one month breastfeeding mark.

The Boppy came into play after I already felt comfortable breastfeeding, and by then, I did just fine stacking two regular sleeping pillows on top of each other.  When I had to nurse in public… I even got creative and would nurse with my diaper bag beneath my baby.  I didn’t really need the Boppy.  The My Brest Friend was a necessity for me, The Boppy was a “nice to have.”

Which nursing pillow did you choose?

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