If you’ve ever been on the fence about getting professional pictures taken, I highly recommend it. You can take a million photos on your phone, or even on your own camera, but there’s something magical about having someone else document your family. There aren’t too many pictures of my daughter and myself together (except for the silly selfies we take when I’m trying to distract her), and the ones of me and my husband just make me fall even more in love with him. Saying I’ll treasure these for the rest of my life is an understatement.

I waffled between just doing a photoshoot with Bunny alone, to celebrate her first birthday, or one with all of us. I decided that I really wanted pictures of our little family; we missed the boat on having holiday pictures taken, so this was the next best thing. Plus, I really wanted to capture her personality—girl has a knack for making some pretty awesome faces.

Bunny was in a fantastic mood and there was a slight nip in the air—much better than if it was hot, especially because I didn’t have the slightest idea of what I’d wear if it was warm outside. We picked this adorable little farm house for the shoot. I wanted something that was somewhat rustic-looking and I really wanted a porch so we could take a picture of little Bunny in her rocking chair.

Our photographer was Jessica with Two Chics Photography, and if you’re in the middle Georgia area, I highly recommend her, especially if you have little ones in your life. She worked her magic, snapping away, making sure she got the shots she wanted, and the best part was that her husband, Chris, came with her. He is, as it turns out, a baby’s best friend. Bunny’s smiles are all due to Chris and the funny faces and sounds he made to capture her attention. Having him around was wonderful, because we didn’t have to worry about making her smile—we could just focus on us.

The fact that this is my family makes me so happy.

*All photos courtesy of  Two Chics Photography