My good friend Minhee helped me plan Charlie’s birthday party, and she came up with the idea to let the kids make their own polaroid ornaments as favors. Each kid had a mini polaroid taken of themself, and then put it inside their ornament and filled it with fun little bobbles.

I thought this would also be a great family project to do each Christmas as a DIY time capsule ornament. You could fill an ornament with a family picture, little trinkets that represent each person or what happened to them that year, and even a little note! I can imagine how much fun it’ll be to make these every year and reminisce on ones from years past when you pull them out each Christmas.


Though it’s always fun to use a polaroid camera, you can always print a picture on your computer or use one of the Instagram printing services.

This is what you’ll need:

  • polaroid instax camera & film
  • clear ornament (we used the 60mm size but there are other sizes available)
  • ribbon (to hang the ornament)
  • pom poms, bells, paper, ribbon, etc. to decorate the ornament

Then just fill the ornament with what you’d like and hang on your tree! Happy crafting!

party photos: Marc Goldberg Photography