Ikea has so many great things for babies! I recently went there and found a bunch of things for Baby Pencil. Here are some of my favorite Ikea baby products:


For babies:

1) Kladd Prickar Bibs – I’ve written about these before, but they are so great to throw around because they’re so cheap. The material is soft and there’s a pocket in the front to catch food.

2) Leka Play Mat – I love how this mat has adorable colors and little tags at the ends! What baby doesn’t love tags?


3) Nanig small storage box – Super useful for storing burp cloths, diaper creams, Q-tips, gauze and other items you need organized.

4) Drona storage box – We have a ton of these for storing toys, stuffed animals, balls and pillows. Baby Pencil knows how to slide them out by using the little flap handles on the sides.

5) Omtalig Bibs – My friend’s baby was wearing these are I thought they were so adorable! They tend to be a little bit bigger so babies can grow into them.

6) Pomsig Wearable blanket – I had no idea Ikea made their own type of sleeping sack! There are cotton ones for the summer and fuzzy ones for the winter.

For toddlers:

7) Mala Paintbrush set – I just had to get it because they were only $1.49! For now, I’m going to have Baby Pencil dip these in water but I will eventually let him paint!

8) Mala Watercolor set – I love the idea of Baby Pencil using watercolor because he would be able to blend colors, as well as play with light and dark. It says it’s meant for ages 3 and up, so this will have to wait a little!

9) Busa Play Tunnel – I feel as though this is the hottest baby item! I see them everywhere and they’re so easy to fold up and store. Baby Pencil likes to crawl in and out, but also likes to stand and roll it around!

10) Lillabo Toy cars – These wooden toy cars come with detachable plastic parts so you can mix and match.

11) Pysslingar Mirror – Love the idea of this mirror, BUT Ikea was sold out when I went! I would love to put this on the floor or at their height so they can open and shut the doors.

13) Lillabo Rug – Adorable rug! Can you imagine this for a playroom? You could zip cars up and down on the streets.

12) Beboelig tent – Such a cute pop up tent! It would perfect for a party or special occasion. (Or why not, just in their room?)

I especially like the “furniture” toys because they’re so much more costly elsewhere. I mean, how adorable is that pop up tent? I have heard that the tunnel has helped some babies crawl more excitedly.


I picked up a few other non-baby items that worked well in his main play area. These Ribba shelves will soon become a mini bookshelf where he can reach for his own books.

(via Hellobee)

And these Drommare mirrors work great side by side!


What are some of your favorite Ikea baby and toddler products?