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Social Media Links in Your Profile, plus Enhanced Privacy for Gold Bees

Several bees have asked for the ability to add social media links to your profile… and we’ve been seeing regular “Share Your Instagram” posts on the boards too.  So we just added a social media links feature to everyone’s profile. You can how it looks here: This feature is available for all of our users, both Classic [...]


Charlie and Olive’s favorite apps for the iPhone and iPad, Part 2

We’ve been visiting our parents in LA and the Philippines every August, which entails taking 8 flights and 6 days of travel. We normally limit screen time for the kids, but all bets are off when we travel internationally! Olive checking out the iPad in the Philippines Before our big trip, we downloaded a bunch [...]

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“How was your day? What did you do? Did you have fun??”

As Charlie has gotten older and chattier, he’s started to tell me less about his day!  When I picked him up from daycare, I’d always ask him: “How was your day? What did you do? Did you have fun?”  Kind of like the mom in Cat in the Hat: At first Charlie would answer me [...]


5 Ways to Have More Fun on the Swings

Since having kids, Mrs. Bee and I have both spent endless hours pushing the kids on the swing! Olive at 9 months, Charlie 2 1/2 They absolutely love the swing…  but over time, Charlie started to lose interest as he got a bit older.  So we picked up a few tips and tricks that have [...]

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Introducing Gold Classifieds!

Our Hellobee Gold premium membership program has been steadily growing over the past few months, and we are so grateful for your support! So far, we’ve built four features for our Gold program… to date, they’ve all been focused on making the boards experience better. As a result, our Gold memberships have come mostly from [...]

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Update on Gold, Part 4: Hiding specific boards from your boards front page

We got a request from a member last week, asking for a way to hide specific boards from the overall boards front page. This would be especially helpful for hiding month twin boards that you’re not a member of… or if you’d prefer to focus on just one category on the boards, like TTC, pregnancy [...]

Get To Know The Hellobee Hostesses

On January 24th, 2012, Hellobee added its first three hostesses:   Since then, we’ve added many more… and now the hostess team stands at 17! Our team of hostesses keeps the boards moving, welcomes new members and cohosts postathons!  We literally could not run the site without them… 

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