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My Final Parent

It’s been 4 months since my mom died. It’s been a shock, because she was literally the healthiest person that I’ve ever known. Even though she was 73, she could do anything. She gardened with a machete, spoke 5 languages fluently and had just started driving a motorcycle! She was the strongest person I have […]

beyond consequences

Parenting When Your Child Doesn’t Respond Well to Discipline

Earlier this year, we were wrestling with a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation with our son. Sometimes he would be the sweetest, most loving child ever, and other times he would turn into someone we just didn’t recognize: angry, defiant and sometimes even violent. We focused on love languages and upped the snuggles, and […]


5 more ways to help your kids grow up to be friends

Charlie and Olive have been getting closer lately, and I often wonder: is sibling closeness a matter of nature or nurture? Charlie’s kindergarten graduation day. He was so proud of Olive and introduced her to everyone as his little sister. I’ve noticed that when things are going well, parents tend to take credit (“it’s my […]


The Surprising Power of the Snuggle

Life in our family has radically changed for us since we changed how we parent Charlie a few months ago. We used to really struggle with my son’s listening (and by listening, I mean, not listening). But after we started adding more snuggles to our routine, we’ve seen an enormous change in his behavior. He […]

What dads really want for Father’s Day

Father’s Day means different things to different people. * One of my friends insists on spending the whole day together with his entire family. His perfect Father’s Day would be a trip to the beach with his wife and two kids. * Meanwhile, another friend has pretty much the opposite perfect Father Day. He wants […]


The 5 Love Languages of Children

One day, my son just stopped listening to me. At first, he developed “selective hearing”: he wouldn’t hear me the first time I said something, but would hear (and usually listen) the second or third time. But then his case of selective hearing developed into something far more serious: full-on defiance, and a refusal to […]

A Children’s Book To Prep Your Kids For Potty Training, and Help With Childhood Constipation

When our son struggled with potty training and constipation a few years ago, we turned to Tom DuHamel, PhD AKA Dr. Tom. He used to be the Chief Psychologist at Seattle Children’s Hospital, and has been working with sufferers of childhood constipation for 30 years. He wrote a book called, The Ins And Outs Of Poop, which […]

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