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A Children's Book To Prep Your Kids For Potty Training, and Help With Childhood Constipation

When our son struggled with potty training and constipation a few years ago, we turned to Tom DuHamel, PhD AKA Dr. Tom. He used to be the Chief Psychologist at Seattle Children’s Hospital, and has been working with sufferers of childhood constipation for 30 years. He wrote a book called, The Ins And Outs Of Poop, which [...]


How I Learned to Stop Raising My Voice and Get to School On Time

The other morning, Charlie was late for school and as usual, he wasn't listening to anything we said. I was growing increasingly exasperated but trying to hold it together and get out the door. "Charlie, put your shorts on! We're gonna be late for school!!" "Ok, ok!" he said back to me in the exact [...]


Date Night Swaps: How To Go On a Date Without Paying a Babysitter

On our first wedding anniversary after Charlie was born, Bee and I went out on our first real date in almost a year.  We had a great time, watching a Broadway show and grabbing dinner.  It was a big splurge, but felt worth it. What we hadn't counted on though, was the cost of babysitting.  [...]


The 3 Best Apps Ever, According To My Kids: Endless Alphabet, Reader and Numbers

Olive has had some developmental delays, and has been a reluctant reader to boot. So I was amazed a few months ago as I was reading her "The Monster At The End of this Book," and she started reading the letters on the page for the first time ever: "S... H... H... H... H..." I [...]


Talking About the Birds and the Bees with Kids, Part 1

Now that our son is 4 1/2, he's started to ask more questions about the birds and the bees. When I was a kid, most parents would wait as long as they could before having a Big Talk with their children (usually way after it would have been useful). Or, they would completely avoid the [...]


A True Sensory Experience: Botanic Gardens

Ever since we realized our daughter Olive was a "sensory seeker," we've been on the constant lookout for sensory experiences for her. Sensory experiences stimulate her sensory stimuli - so we've been on the lookout for pretty much anything that she can see, touch, feel, smell, and taste. To our surprise, one of the best [...]


The Scourge of Entitlement, And 7 Ways to Fight Back

I can't stand whining, so we've been working really hard to keep our kids from getting entitled. Sometimes we slip though, and it's amazing how quickly entitlement can rear its ugly head!  Quick example: Charlie had a fever yesterday morning, so he stayed home from school.  After his temp was down, we went on a [...]

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