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Room for Two: Adventures in Room Sharing

The Grizzly Bear cubs have been sharing a room since May, about the same time that Mrs. High Heels put her two in the same room together. Patrick was 27 months old and Olivia was 14 months. I’m happy to report that things have gone surprisingly well! That doesn’t mean that we haven’t had our […]

toddler bed

Transitioning to Toddler Rails – In Two Takes

Why on earth did I think it was a good idea to introduce 18-month old Patrick to the toddler bed last August? Because he kept getting stuck. If I was too busy with a then five-month old Olivia, I would start to hear crying. Patrick would be perched precariously on the corner of his crib […]


Old Fashioned Chess Pie

There are some things that just scream summertime to me in Tennessee. Local farmers setting up booths on the side of the road selling produce, the sudden influx of activities outdoors like family movie nights on the lawn, and, of course, the oppressive humidity. Every year about this time I start dreaming of frozen yogurt, […]

Getting Ready for (Pre)School

After we enrolled in the Montessori school and I started to get an idea of what the children will be learning to do, I began to work at home with the cubs to get them ready for this new shift in our daily life. At first I was afraid that we would have to introduce […]

My Mini-Feast

Simple Meals: A Bear Family Favorite

Mr. Bear is the homebody when it comes to cooking. If it isn’t pasta based, pancakes, or French toast, I generally cry “Uncle!” and yield the kitchen to someone better suited. Baking is more my forte and I’m happy to stick to it. But every once in a while I’m pushed to actually make a […]

Well, This Should Be Fun!

The cubs and I are going to be starting an uncharted journey together in the coming week: preschool. One of the main reasons we haven’t enrolled the children in daycare or preschool before now is because it didn’t – and doesn’t – make sense for us financially. Mr. Bear is our sole source of income since […]

An Unhappy Easy Pregnancy

When I first found out at the tender age of 21 that I was pregnant, I felt devastated and alone. None of my friends were getting married; most of them weren’t even in a serious relationship. I attended a very religious university so while others might be having sex out of the marital bed, the […]

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