Introducing Mrs PB&J!

Hi everyone! Greetings from the Midwest! I’m so thrilled to be joining the blogger team at Hellobee! I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon this site three years ago, but it has been with me through trying to conceive, pregnancy, and now parenting a two year old! I’m always so encouraged and delighted by everything that can be found here!

Here’s some more background on the PB&J family!

I guess you could say Mr. PB&J and I are high school sweethearts. Although we didn’t go to the same school, we met as teenagers and have been together ever since! We were married 5 years ago and still live in our small hometown. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education and I currently work part time as a Teacher for Early Head Start. If you’re not familiar with that, it’s a federally funded program that provides services for families and children who are low-income or have developmental delays/disabilities. I’ve been working with children ages birth to 3 for around 9 years. Mr. PB&J works in the automotive industry and has held several different jobs in that field. Right now he manages an auto parts store in our town and truly loves what he does!

My love and I

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Introducing Mrs. Seashell!

Hi guys! I’m so excited to introduce myself as Mrs. Seashell here at Hellobee. People use this site for a variety of reasons — to learn something, to know what the future could hold. Me? I just wanted to know everything about people. I wanted to know what mothers were thinking as they went through their parenting tasks. I loved that I could get to hear a snippet from someone’s mind. That’s how I stumbled upon Hellobee. Once I dove into the website, I couldn’t stop visiting and started coming for the insights and the camaraderie of feeling like other people were up at 3 am begging their children to go back to sleep. Basically, I’m excited to satisfy your curiosity, offer friendship, and maybe even bestow some wisdom.

Mr. Seashell and I live just outside of Boise, Idaho, however we are transplants from northern California. We have been married for almost 10 years, and have been together since we were 14. Mr. Seashell works as a regional training manager for a killer coffee shop and I work a couple times a week as a server. At one point we owned a bakery, at another time, my husband was in a band. We are consummate opposites and it works for us beautifully. We planned on having children earlier, but the timing just never felt right. In 2013, we decided to start trying at the end of the year. In June of that year, we found out that I was unexpectedly pregnant! It was scary and crazy and completely not planned, but the most perfect timing.

Our little boy, Eli is now 2 years old and lights up my life. Babyhood wasn’t my favorite, but toddlerhood is my jam. I love to watch him grow and change and discover every day, form opinions and thoughts of his own. My most favorite new thing is watching his imagination grow. My parenting style tends to lean towards the hands off approach and being as physical as possible, with lots of jumping and dance parties around these parts.

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Introducing Mrs. Peas

Hello! I am Mrs. Peas, and I am thrilled to be joining  the Hellobee community as a new blogger. I’m looking forward to sharing stories about life as a working mom with two little boys. Here are the top 10 things to know about my family.

The Peas!

  1. I am married to Mr. P, and we are parents to two little boys who are about 22 months apart. We are still thinking about whether we want to have more kids. We also have two dogs and are about to welcome a cat into our family. Our home is always crazy, often messy, and hopefully a loving and fun place to be.
  1. Mr. P and I met in college. We tried to date a few times, but for various reasons it never worked out. Thanks to social media, we reconnected a few years later and have been happily married for almost 6 years. Mr. P is funny, even tempered, and very much an equal partner when he’s home (unfortunately he travels a lot for his job).
  1. Our oldest son, Big P, will be three on the 4th of July. He is energetic, loud, and learning how to share and take turns. He is also about as sweet as a little boy can be and always generous with his hugs and words. For his birthday he asked for, “a cow, two tractors, a sheep, some chickens, and a play set.” Big P really misses his Dad when he’s gone.

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Introducing Mrs. Oyster!

Hello there!

“You know how in some movies they have a dream sequence, only they don’t tell you it’s a dream? This is so not a dream. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I was just trying to do my job, and then things happened. My life happened. And now I’m here.” (Never Been Kissed)

This seems very surreal to me in many ways. Only one of which is that this will be my first time blogging in any way, shape, or form. I’ve been reading Hellobee since before it was called such, and when I saw they were accepting application for new bloggers I decided to throw my hat into the ring. I LOVE writing (which works well in this situation!) and especially writing about topics that are near and dear to my heart. But I’m pretty sure I was given this position simply because I used a Fresh Prince of Bel Air quote in the subject line for my application. I can’t wait to be a part of this community. So, thank you!

I grew up on Cape Cod and met Mr. Oyster some 13 years ago (AH!) while in college in Rhode Island. We managed to stay together through a short distance relationship and living together with 4 other roommates (all guys…) at one point, and finally got married in 2009. We moved to southern New Hampshire because he wanted to be closer to the mountains and settled into our new home.


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Flashback Friday – June 24, 2016

In addition to Mrs. Dolphin, we have 4 more new bloggers we’ll be introducing over the next week! We’re still looking for more pregnant bloggers to join our community, so please go here for more information on how to become a blogger!

We haven’t done one of these in a while, so here is a roundup of some of our favorite posts from years past. We’re leaving for Singapore next week, so we’ll be spending the weekend packing. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



G E A R  G U I D E S



Best under eye care and coverage

I went with a group of local mommies to one very special place… Sephora! We all had very different concerns and simply wanted to look a bit more refreshed. But almost all of us had the exact same concern in common: the under eye area. We wanted to do whatever was possible to brighten and lift up this problem area. It was very educating to see what’s new out there in the market!

While I have my own routine, I am always on the search for new products and tips on how to take care of the under eye area. Here are the latest products I have discovered and am currently using. You can check out previous underage concealers I’ve reviewed here.


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Introducing Mrs. Dolphin!

Hi everyone! I am SO excited to be joining the Hellobee blogging community as Mrs. Dolphin. I’ve been following Hellobee since I was pregnant with our oldest and have always been so grateful for the wealth of information on this site. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to share my own thoughts, tips and tricks, research, successes and missteps with this great community!

A little bit of background on the Dolphin family:

Mr. Dolphin and I met in law school at Notre Dame (Go Irish!) eleven years ago. We were introduced through a mutual friend during the first week of school and started dating immediately. We moved to San Francisco post-graduation, married, then trekked back to the other side of the country and have set up shop in the Washington, DC metro area.

Our wedding day in 2009. Photo credit: F.C. Wong Photography.

We had our first child, a beautiful boy in 2014. To protect his privacy, we’ve decided to use a pseudonym: Lion (he’s a Leo so we called him our little lion cub early on). Lion is now an active toddler who will turn two in August. Lion’s favorite activity is “cook with Mama,” but he also loves balls, choo-choos, running around the park, reading and having dance parties.

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