Pink Bedroom Inspiration

Jackson loves all things pink right now. When we go shoe shopping he always gravitates to the sparkliest, pinkest shoes he can find and if I let him choose a color for just about anything, it’s probably going to be pink. I know that as most boys grow older they lose their interest in “girl” colors, but it’s fun to see him be so carefree and utterly uninterested in what he is “supposed” to like.

As much as I love the pink phase, I’m sure Jackson will be much more interested in a dinosaur or garbage truck themed room as he gets older. We’re not ready to change his room up yet, but I always enjoy looking at inspiration on Pinterest for kids’ rooms and planning ideas for when he gets older, or for when we have future children. I’ve been drooling over a lot of adorable and completely frilly and feminine rooms lately, so I thought I would share some of the inspiration – here are 30 of my favorite pink bedrooms!

 All of these pink bedrooms are SO cute! This is the perfect place to get some inspiration for your little girls' room. I can't believe how sophisticated a pink room can look!

via A Beautiful Mess 

All of these pink bedrooms are SO cute! This is the perfect place to get some inspiration for your little girls' room. I can't believe how sophisticated a pink room can look!

via Style by Emily Henderson

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A Natural Birth Bag Packing List

I’m usually a minimalist packer for trips but I brought a huge duffel bag and giant birth ball to the hospital for baby Jujube’s birth – a.k.a. the most epic trip I’ll ever take in my life! All births are unique and precious and nothing ever goes as planned, but for anyone trying to take their best stab at a plan, this is my practical list of the things I actually used and needed during labor and post-birth for reference. If anything here helps a little then it was worth sharing!


Specifically, baby Jujube’s birth was:

A. Natural, Active and medication-free
B. Posterior
C. Abroad in Thailand

Also, I ended up needing an episiotomy. So if any of that might apply to you, here’s what I actually needed.

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18 Month Update


We’ve been saying this a lot lately, but the last few months have been the most fun yet. M has his own sense of humor and loves making Mr. Ice Cream and me laugh with his mischievous smile. He picks up things so quickly, climbs on everything and continues to impress us everyday.

The most heartwarming thing M does right now is give kisses. When he is in a really affectionate mood he locks eye contact from 2 feet away, slowly leans in, closes his eyes and plants an open-mouthed, slobbery kiss on our faces. It feels like the awkward end-of-date kiss from an 80s rom com, but we absolutely love it.

Biggest toy obsession right now are trains, or “choo choos.” The first time he made the magnetized ends of the trains connect, he gasped in amazement. But he is equally frustrated when the trains are in the wrong orientation and won’t connect. Despite the love-hate relationship, M loves going to Barnes and Noble to play with the train table and could stand there for hours rolling the choo choos around the track. Our least favorite part is the tantrum that ensues as soon as we try to leave. Luckily, Mr. Ice Cream and I have gotten smarter and now we bring incentives (i.e. snacks, toy trains from home) to lure him out. It’s not a perfect system, but there are significantly fewer tears.

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Potty training for my sassy, strong-willed girl

When Hellobee community member yerpie110 posted on the boards about consulting a behaviorist regarding potty training her daughter, we reached out to her and asked if she would story with us! 

.  .  .  .  .

We attempted potty training three times.


The first attempt was a meek, half-hearted one when my daughter was a little older than 2.5 years old. She had demonstrated some interest and successfully peed a few times, but wasn’t showing many signs of being ready. Regardless, we forged ahead; however, I spent most of her second year pregnant, then miscarried, then became pregnant again. During the first attempt, I gave up after a couple of hours because I physically struggled to carry her off and on the toilet, and she would not let dad assist her during that time.


The second attempt was when she was 37 months old. Baby sister had arrived two months prior, and I was hoping to have her trained before I returned to work. I printed out reward charts, we talked it up, let her help us pick reinforcers, purchased special toys just to use on the potty, and I had read all the books and felt she was ready.

Well, it was a complete disaster. She was incredibly resistant and long story short, she held her pee and poop until she had her diaper for naptime and bedtime. I became afraid that she would end up with a UTI or even worse, she would need to be brought to urgent care to be catheterized as I had heard horror stories from some friends of mine who had that happen to their children. Her longest stretch of holding occurred on day two where she went approximately 8.5 hours without urinating (she clearly did not inherit my bladder). We also became desperate and started offering her things that I did not want to make a habit of (i.e. letting her play with our iPhones or use her tablet just to get her to stay seated).

We threw the towel in at the end of day two and I felt extremely defeated. My husband believed she would train when she was ready, but I, on the other hand, became more and more certain with each passing day, that she would be the one kindergartener still in diapers.

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Convertible Car Seat Conundrum

Mr. Peas and I are not what you would call super cautious parents. We let our kids try things when they seem comfortable to try them. We let our kids try whatever we were serving for meals as soon as they started solids (we did avoid honey until 1 year but that’s about it). When we take our kids to the playground, we let them try whatever equipment they want even if it seems too big or advanced for them (with supervision/ help if needed). We don’t have strict rules like you must not touch fresh air without a hat, sunscreen, shoes, bug spray, and knee pads (we do require helmets if they’re riding bikes or scooters and sunscreen and/or a hat if it’s warm and they are not going to be in the shade). The one thing we are very strict about though is car seats.

Big P is big. At his recent 3-year check up he was 90% for weight at 80% for height. And like me he has long legs. But we still kept him rear facing until he was 2 1/2. We never offered or even tried putting him forward facing until then, and honestly I wish we had kept him rear facing a little longer.

Little P on the other hand is little. He’s almost 15 months old now and still fits perfectly in his infant car seat, which is a Chicco KeyFit30 Infant Car Seat. I recently read an article, however, that says the new recommendation is to switch babies to convertible car seats at 1, and I am really struggling with which car seat(s) to buy for Little P.

Big P has 2 convertible car seats that we switch between our cars and our nanny’s car. We first purchased a Chicco NextFit Zip Convertible Car Seat. We liked the look of the Chicco NextFit (it looked a little sleeker than the older model Britax ones) and that it had multiple reclining positions, even while rear-facing, came with a cup holder, and the cover was completely machine-washable, which I think you can only get at Buy Buy Baby or Babies R Us. We still like it and use it (at that price point we better use it!), but the straps always seem to tangle. I cannot tell you how many times we’ve had to ask Big P to climb out of his seat while we wrestled with the straps in a parking lot, usually while it’s blazing hot or freezing cold (it never happens on a beautiful, mild spring or fall day of course). Because of that we decided to look at different options for Big P’s 2nd seat.

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Why we use a Montessori Floor Bed

Reasons to use a Montessori floor bed. I never realized how many benefits there are! This is a great post to help understand the reasons you should try it out.

Have you ever wondered why people use a floor bed? What are the benefits? I admit when I first read about the Montessori floor bed I was skeptical, but I got used to the idea and now it just makes sense! So, why do we use a floor bed?

1) Freedom of movement. Children are not confined, they are free to move and to get in and out of bed. I have found my children are much more active when using a floor bed and crawl around much more; since their whole room is baby proofed, there is a greater area they are free to move about in. This is of benefit especially in modern times when children are often confined in a crib, a high chair, or rocker and then to a baby car seat or stroller. Yes, some of these are necessary, however, children need every opportunity possible for freedom of movement.

2) Promote independence. Children can get up and read a book or get dressed, and they do not need a parent’s permission or help to do so. Over time, and especially with a toddler, they can decide themselves when they are tired and lie down. For daytime naps, my children would often put themselves to bed and go lie down when they needed to rest.

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Hungry Mama

Han·gry: A state of anger caused by lack of food; hunger causing a negative emotional state.


This is a real issue, my friends. It’s when you get so hungry that you become angry, irritable, and darn right cracky. You’re unpleasant to be around and you need food ASAP. Mr. Macaron knows to be quiet and get to food immediately when I fall into hangry status. When I get hangry I lack the mental ability to even come up with an idea of what to eat, or make any sort of decision. I get so hungry that my mind goes totally blank. This is a bad situation to be in since the only thing that will resolve the hanger is food, yet I cannot seem to think or make decisions.

During my pregnancy, I definitely got hungry; however, as I’ve been breastfeeding I have been ravenous. I get hungry so often, it drives me nuts (see what I did there…nuts). Needless to say, there have been times when the hungry turns to hangry. Poor Mr. Macaron has to deal with me, but he’s a champ and always knows the signs and helps me get to food.

Given the constant need to feed, I like to have a list of possible snacks at my disposal. Here are some of my favorite go-to snacks for the times I become a hangry (or just hungry) mama:

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