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Our Wishlist for Panda (Age 11 Months)

We wanted to get Panda a convertible carseat since he is outgrowing his infant carseat. When we got into a car accident, though, they were covered by insurance and we replaced them. Panda has tons of toys, including Lion’s current toys and the ones he has outgrown. With that said, should our family insist on gift […]

1 year old toys

New One Year Old Toys

Before Fiona turned one, I got a lot of questions from friends and family about what to get her for her birthday. In truth we have almost every baby toy under the sun, and so many toys these days are just updated versions of older ones Drake and Juliet have already had. So I spent […]


Fiona’s Christmas List

Fiona will be four months old at her first Christmas! I can’t believe how big she is already. Being a baby she naturally has no idea about Christmas, and being the 3rd child I found buying for her hard since she has so many hand me downs. I spend a good amount of time researching […]


Gifts for One Year Old Under $15

Juliet got a wonderful array of birthday gifts this year. We truly feel blessed she was showered with presents, but truthfully at one she is just as enamored and interested with the wrapping paper, boxes… heck even a pile of laundry. Besides that she has so many hand me down toys to boot. When friends […]


Activity Tables

I recently purchased an activity table for Juliet. I never had one for Drake, and in the world of bouncers, jumperoos, swings, and around the go stations, an activity table was one of those things I decided we didn’t need. When we had Drake we lived in a small condo and just trying accommodate all […]

Toy Review: Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station Doodle Bugs

I take a lot of joy in finding interesting toys for my children as they get older. With each new stage, I pore over Amazon, researching and reading up on toys that will teach, engage, and stimulate his growing interests.  Now that Christmas is around the corner, I thought I would do a small series […]


New Infant Toys for Juliet

As a second child, Juliet will forever be getting hand me down toys. It’s inevitable. The plus side is that I did spend a lot of time researching products for Drake, so most of the toys Juliet has been passed down should be stimulating and interesting for her. I recently did a quick search of […]

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