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Winter Hairdos and Tips

Ahhh, winter hair. I forget that it’s actually a “thing” all year long. And then I’m quickly reminded with hat hair, static, and that annoying rats’ nest that happens when I wear a scarf. Winter hair is, let’s be honest – annoying. Either you fight all the knots, static and mess with every strand of [...]


Fair Isle Family

With the first snowfall yesterday (that admittedly felt a bit too soon) we were propelled into winter full speed ahead. The holidays are quickly approaching and all of a sudden I’m drawn to the comfiest, coziest knits – in fair isle of course. for mom: sweater / scarf  –   for dad: sweater / hat [...]


A Simple Kind of Life: Your Wardrobe

Part One I was asked to share a little bit about my new minimalist lifestyle, so I thought I’d fill you in on the magical process of streamlining my wardrobe.  As a busy mom, it’s important to me that I look good and feel comfortable, without having to put a ton of time and effort [...]


My Favorite Versatile Pants

Over the last few weeks it’s really started to cool down around here, and we are fully immersed in autumn and all of its loveliness! Of all the seasons, fall is my favorite wardrobe-wise. There are so many ways to layer different items and play around with lots of different textures and weights. That’s not [...]


Mom & Mini Style: Chambray Trend

As Brandy already mentioned, the chambray trend lives on this fall! I tend to shy away from denim-on-denim, but I love the look with sleek black pants. for mom: top / pants / loafers / diaper clutch for mini: top / leggings / loafers / headband & bows These Foxy Vida diaper clutches are adorable [...]

Dressing the part – The Mom look

When I left the hospital after having Lil’ Tea Cup, I was wearing yoga pants and a tunic, both maternity and both falling off me. It turns out when you have a big baby, sometimes your belly disappears pretty fast!  Not to say I didn’t still have a belly there, but it was greatly decreased [...]


How to Wear Everyday Trainers

Everyday trainers, mostly the all black colorways, are hitting the trend circuit pretty hard. This might be a tad fashion forward for some or just a big no to others. Since trainers are so crazy comfortable I thought it would be a great trend to break down here, as it’s a pretty great comfortable style [...]

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