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A simpler approach to post-baby wardrobe

I’ve seen a lot of things here and there that talk about dressing to flatter your post-baby body, and to be honest, a lot of the ideas are either hard for me to apply practically to my existing wardrobe or too fashion-forward for me (like a baseball cap and a nice dress, for instance). We [...]


The Big List of Sun Hats

In winter it was all about throwing on a hat and basically wearing it all day to stay warm. This whole having to actually do my hair thing is still pretty foreign. But silly me… I forgot all about summer hats! Sunglasses or a sunhat (or both) are pretty much a must when you are [...]


SWIM TWINS: matching with mom and dad

I know it’s only a matter of time before my kids start to hate it. And I’m also sure that’ll be around the time we would look like a gang of nerds all dressed alike, so it’ll probably be good timing. But I not so secretly love matching with my kiddos; usually it’s by accident, [...]


The Biker Jacket

An essential addition to your closet of jackets, or maybe just jackets (minus the closet). Your version of the perfect biker jacket can easily be timeless and wearable in pretty much every season of the year. Right now is high time to grab yourself a leather, faux leather or maybe even denim biker jacket. Most [...]


Accessory Essentials

When it comes to accessories, I find it much harder to come up with essentials. I find accessories to be very personal, usually very personality and feelings focused. But they are very important and even if I can’t give you specifics on what to buy that will go great with your clothing essentials, I can [...]

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Pattern Play

I love me some good ol’ pattern mixing, and this season, I’m especially loving florals and stripes together. This isn’t a new pattern combo, but it’s one that’s getting a lot of play this spring into summer. I think the trick is to mix bold florals with thinner neutral stripes or larger stripes with a [...]


My 15 Shoe Essentials

I’ve only worn high heels 3 times in the past 4 years — twice for a wedding and once for a charity event — so it was easy for me to get rid of almost all my high heels recently. Lately I’ve been paring down my shoe collection even more to only keep the shoes [...]

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