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What You Should Buy At J Crew Factory, Right Now

We really love J Crew in our home, for very specific things when they go on sale - because it's just not always in my price range. But they also have their Factory store. The prices are much cheaper and the styles are usually one off's from the actual J Crew store. So you often [...]


The Perfect Fall Coat

We woke up this morning and it actually felt like fall; a nice chilly fall. Not that freezing cold winter disguised as fall. Since it was summer all the way up until this morning, I haven't even thought about pulling out fall clothes let alone shopping for them. I started searching around for fall coats [...]


Easy Mom Hairstyles

It's hard enough on a regular day to find time for your own hair on a regular day. Or maybe that's just me. Get everyone else ready and then I remember -- I forgot to do my hair! School days are most definitely the hardest of any hair days. It's usually a rush out the [...]


The Every Single Summer Day Dress

This is the type of dress that is a total no brainer to just throw on. But once you do, you end up looking like it was a very well thought out outfit. Dresses that you can wear every day, dress up or down and still be really comfy. Every day dresses that can be [...]

post baby chop

The Post Baby Hair Chop

Oh my lovely long hair, I never wanted to part with you. Perhaps it was because I looked like a boy when I was younger since I had no hair. Or maybe because you are the security blanket for my double chin. Whatever the case, I love you. But with the extreme heat of the [...]


What You Should Be Buying At JCrew, RIGHT NOW

Update: The sale has been extended through July 22nd, with some items up to 50% off the sale price! My favorite time to shop at J. Crew (see also: the only time) is between seasons, and always in the sale section. A good 90% of the time something I have been eying, ends up in [...]


What You Should Buy At Target, Right Now

Target overwhelms me. Often I leave with nothing because there is just too much choice. I pack my basket as I walk through the store, and then have a hard time deciding so often end up putting everything back. Their website is even harder to shop from, and I think everything from Target just looks [...]

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