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TTC Round Two, The Bedroom Dance

Hi again Hive.  Your friendly mystery blogger here, bending your ear again (first post here) about the adventures of trying to have a baby…again.  Another baby.  After a couple months of trying (and more to come – no BFPs over here), I am amazed at how different the process has been thus far. A great [...]



It’s happening all over again. I thought I would be calmer this time around, less nervous and that I would goggle less. Yet here I am typing into my phone, “can heartburn be a first sign of pregnancy” and “when did you have your first pregnancy symptom.” I am nervous, excited and feel like I [...]


Trying again

When we conceived the second time, we were shocked at how quickly it happened. To be honest, we were a little terrified and had a few “what did we do?” conversations after we first found out. It took us over a year and two rounds of clomid to conceive Liam, so we just figured it [...]

Our (first) Journey of TTC

Although our “TTC” journey has yet to lead us to conception, I thought I would share bits and pieces of where we started and how we got to where we are now. We are so grateful to be parents through the miracle of adoption, but took a lot of steps along the way to try [...]

Starting the TTC Journey for Baby #2

Hello bees.  One of your friendly bloggers here, posting under a not-too-thick cloak of anonymity, about the process of trying for number two. Mrs. Mystery — why are you going incognito, you might ask? Well, first and foremost, my mother follows my posts on Hellobee, and I can’t handle the thought of her consciously thinking [...]

swarm - cake

Swarm: How Long Did it Take For You to Conceive?

In this edition of the Swarm, the bees share how long it took them to conceive. It took us a year and a round of clomid to get pregnant the first time. We lost the pregnancy very early, waited a month, and got pregnant with Liam on our second round of clomid. It was only [...]

TTC #2

Now that we’ve adopted, I think we fall into the rather unique category of trying to conceive our second child while having not conceived our first. Alright, it isn’t that unique, but it sounds kind of funny. While I’m nowhere near ready for another newborn, we have been talking a lot about our other kids. [...]

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