Awhile back I posted about trying to be in more pictures with Baby H. I challenged myself to take a photo a day for a month with her using my iPhone – just simple, memorable photos… whether or not I had put makeup on or had changed out of pj’s. Being a busy working mom I knew it might be difficult to keep up with the challenge but I wanted to give it my best.

Now, a little over a month later, I feel like I’ve done pretty well. Some of them I took of the two of us and some Mr. H took of us. Some are smiley pictures and others have Baby H grabbing at my face and really noticing me (those are my favorite!). Yes, I missed a day here and there. If she was already in bed and we hadn’t gotten a picture for the day I just made sure I remembered to get a picture the next day. At the end of it all I have a compilation of 30 “Baby H and me shots.” I have a separate folder for them within the photo app on my phone so at any time (especially when I’m missing her terribly while I’m at work!) I can scroll through all of these great pictures of her and I together!

Will I keep up with taking a picture each and every day after this? Probably not. But it definitely got me in the habit of making sure I was in the picture with her. If you feel like you’re never taking pictures of you and your LO together, I encourage you to challenge yourself – whether it be daily, weekly or monthly pictures together – make an effort to ensure your face is smiling right next to theirs (and this comes from someone who hates having her picture taken!).


Oh and as you scroll through you’ll spy a picture of Baby H wearing a funny hat. It was part of the Halloween costume I made her – she was an octopus!

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