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16 weeks pregnant

And Baby Makes 4

In a few short months, the Checkers family of three will become a family of four! We found out I was pregnant the day after Thanksgiving, and for the next three months I went into hiding.  I stopped writing altogether, and I sat on pins and needles to reach the end of the first trimester. [...]


Enter the World of Potty Training

I am ecstatic to report – at 28 months, Toddler Checkers is fully potty-trained, and she got it the first day! Potty training is one of those anxiety-inducing things that I have dreaded since having a child.  You can put it up there with sleep training and breastfeeding, although now having gone through the potty [...]

photo 4

Travel/Vacation with a 2-year-old

Last month, we were able to take a short family vacation to the Pacific Northwest – Seattle, Washington!  I left home a few days earlier for several work events, and Mr. Checkers was brave enough to fly solo with our two-year-old to meet me there. Toddler Checkers has now been on a couple of short [...]

pumpkin patch

Fall Festivities & 28 Month Update

Since Mr. Checkers and I both work in education, September and October tend to be hectic months in the Checkers’ household.  Now with the holidays fast approaching, I am sure we will reach the year’s end before we know it! In early October, we took Aliya to the pumpkin patch near our house where she [...]

Our Adventures in Co-sleeping (i.e. no sleeping)

Let me just preface this by letting you know we are not co-sleepers.  Toddler Checkers slept in our room for a total of two weeks before we put her in the nursery.  Before she was born, I had imagined she would be in our room for the first few months, but postpartum insomnia and subsequent [...]


Preschool: A New Routine & Letting Go

Just a couple months after Toddler Checkers’ 2nd birthday, we enrolled her in preschool since we no longer had five-day family care available.  While I was pregnant, we had planned all along to enroll her in daycare after my maternity leave and had even signed a couple of waiting lists.  I never dreamed my family [...]


Teething Essentials

Some babies are unaffected by teething, and many others, like Toddler Checkers, have difficulty functioning while cutting teeth.  She cut her first tooth at nine months, and now at 26 months is cutting her two year molars.  This means eating for her is a chore and meals are often hit or miss, sleeping (for all [...]

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