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Strabismus Surgery: A Follow-Up

It seems that I am just now recovering from the holiday craze – enough to have the mental capacity to recall and recount my son’s eye surgery. At the end of October, KJ had strabismus surgery to correct his esotropia. Historically, anticipation has always been much worse for me than the actual thing when it […]


And the Eyes Have It

Tomorrow is a big day. KJ was diagnosed with intermittent esotropia, a form of strabismus, at 6 months of age. I first noticed his eyes turning inward at 6 weeks, and we have been seeing a pediatric ophthalmologist since he turned 4 months old. Now I feel like we are old friends. Many moms (including […]


A Birthday Letter to my Son: ONE

Dear Son, Soon you will be one.  And I am sitting here wondering, “Where has the time gone?” I still remember when the ultrasound technician told us you were a boy. And I was excited and scared.  I had never raised a boy. And I never had any brothers. And I’m not a boy. If […]


KJ’s Sleep Evolution: Newborn to 12 months

My daughter’s and son’s sleep habits / sleep props have been very different, but their sleep schedules have remained mostly the same. I wrote about my daughter’s sleep evolution here back in 2012. I realize their sleep habits may be different because I stopped nursing Aliya very early on when she was one to two […]

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My Breastfeeding Journey: Challenges and Triumphs

Breastfeeding has been, by far, one of the hardest things I have ever done. No one ever made it sound easy. Moms told me it would hurt, sometimes their nipples would bleed, and that it might take a while to get the hang of it. But no one ever told me about the searing pain […]


Planning and Surviving Travel with 2 Small Children: MAUI

It’s been a rather long time since we’ve gone on a vacation, and we thought, “Hey, why not throw in a flight for our first vacation with two small children? I love chaos!” (said no parent ever). Don’t get me wrong – I feel extremely grateful and fortunate for the opportunity to go to Maui, […]

Going Back to Work

Dear Baby Checkers, It’s been real. We’ve spent about the last year together, you and me. Albeit, most of that time was in utero, and I feel like I am just starting to know you. In two weeks you will be four months old and I will be returning to work. To be honest, I’m […]

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