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15 Best Books for Keeping a One Year Old Engaged

Juliet loves books.  Her favorite thing to do every day is to raid Drake’s bookshelf and immerse herself in his books…literally. At bed time Juliet loves rocking with me as I read to her, but because of her age and attention span it’s hard to get her to sit and listen to all books. Over […]


Little Lion’s Favorite Books – 3-9 Months

I always assumed that I would start reading to Little Lion as soon as he was born, but I found that until about 3 months, he really wasn’t very interested and I felt pretty ridiculous. But ever since around that time, I have loved watching how he has developed preferences for certain books, and have been […]


Favorite Interactive Books for Babies and Toddlers (Who Don’t Like to Read)

Charlie has always loved reading since he was an itty bitty baby. We started reading 3-4 books to him before every nap at 4 months as part of his routine, so he usually “read” 10+ books every day. His favorite gift from his first birthday was this set of Baby Einstein Alphabooks. He memorized his […]

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