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11 Easy Math Activities for Preschoolers

Other than counting, I didn’t know many pre-math skill activities for preschoolers. Fortunately, my family member is an Elementary Math Specialist. Below is a list of our favorite activities, fun toys and math themed books we have enjoyed over the last two years to build pre-math skills! 1) Counting with One-To-One Correspondence – This goes […]

The Case Against Kumon

These views are my own, and are formed from my own personal experiences. I was a Kumon kid. Kumon is a math and language program that is taught in Kumon centers using worksheets focused on accuracy and speed in your work. Students get a week’s worth of worksheets to do at home, one for every day, based on […]

DIY Geoboard Project

DIY Geoboard for Math Play

Geoboards are a fun learning tool to introduce kids to math concepts. Actually, they can continue to be used even through high school geometry! The basic idea is simple: stretching colored bands over a grid of pegs. Educational stores sell them, and you’ll find them in many classrooms, but you can make your own with […]


STEM for toddlers

On a thread some time ago, @Mrs. Lemon Lime, @Blackbird, and @Temperance Brennan suggested that I share how we introduced science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) into our home. As I was reflecting on how to tackle this challenging topic, I realized that we do have a bit of a leg up in our house […]

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