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Gifts for a One Year Old

William is one month away from his first birthday, and our relatives are beginning to ask what kinds of things he might want or need as gifts. Combine that with the fact that I also have some mama friends whose babes are just hitting the one year milestone, and I find myself wanting to Google […]


Top Ten Gifts for One Year Olds

With Christmas approaching, family members are asking what Little Oats wants. At 14 months old, she doesn’t WANT much of anything (other than a metric ton of yogurt raisins), but I pulled together a list of things she might like. And along with that, this list of things that seem to be universally loved by […]


Our favorite gifts for a two year old

Liam got lots of great gifts for his birthday this year. While we love everything he received, these are some of our favorite gifts for our two year old.


Staying Spontaneous – My Secret Weapon – Toddler Edition

In our family, spring signals the start of our warm weather adventures! Last summer I published this post about how we stored certain items in our trunk so that we were more easily able to jump in the car and head off for adventure without having to worry about forgetting something. Now that Little Lion is officially […]

Gifts Under $25 for Age 1

Toy Gifts <$25 for Ages 1, 2, and 3!

Since I just celebrated both my children’s birthdays the past two consecutive months, I’ve still got gifts on my mind… and thought I’d do a round-up of some gift ideas less than $25 for the toddler crowd.  Here are some of our favorite toys based on age – from 1 through 3!

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Gifts for Two Year Olds

Shopping for Jacobi’s second birthday gifts was a lot more fun now that he’s older and can genuinely appreciate receiving a gift and exploring a new toy. I had so much I wanted to buy for him, but ultimately chose a few gifts I knew he would love. Two weeks after receiving the gifts, I’ve […]


Toy Review: Kidcraft Vintage Kitchen

This is a review of a much loved and used toy in our home, the Kidcraft Retro Kitchen. I decided to get Drake a toy kitchen for his 2nd Christmas when he was around 18 months old.  His babysitter at the time had a large Step2 Kitchen, and she said that Drake really enjoyed himself […]

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