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Favorite Toys That Aren’t Really Toys

I’ve always found it fascinating how endlessly entertained babies and toddlers can be by the most mundane objects. Our extended family loves to buy toys for Jackson and both grandmas are constantly trying to give us new things, but I try really hard to keep the toys in our house to a minimum – half […]


Birthday Gift Ideas for a 3 Year Old

Big P is turning 3 next week on the 4th of July. We are lucky that his birthday and Christmas are almost equally spaced, so we can focus on outdoor toys for his birthday and indoor ones for Christmas. I always try to be thoughtful about what we buy our kids, but this year it seems […]


Outdoor gift ideas for a one year old

This past week, Baby Pizza turned one! Time flew by so much faster with my second, but I’m looking forward to all the growing up she will do this year (I also enjoy this age much more). As her birthday was approaching, I started to make a wish list of things I wanted to get […]

Toddler and Preschooler Play Together Toys

Toddler and Preschooler Play Together Toys

My kiddos have a three and half year age gap, and it’s difficult to find toys they can play with together. When one kiddo becomes engrossed in a toy, the other kiddo rips the toy away and havoc ensues. I’ve learned to hide many of our toys in the attic because of the squabbling. A […]


Best gifts for a 2 year old

I’ve been saying Baby Pencil is two for the longest time because I have a lot of friends without kids who look very confused when I say 20-something months. But now that 2 is here, it feels so bittersweet! I love how Baby Pencil’s world has just opened up because he’s smarter, more aware and more […]

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Our Favorite Toddler Bath Toys

Jackson is a huge fan of baths – I think there are few toddlers in this world who don’t love splashing around in the water for a few minutes. However, there was a (brief) time where he did not enjoy getting in the bath. He whined, he complained, he cried. It was torture for everyone. Especially […]

Color Code

Our favourite educational toys – at 4 years

It can be difficult to find good educational toys. Here are a few of our favourites at four years. Color Code. The child uses the clear plastic tiles to make the images in the booklet provided. This is fantastic for developing logic and spatial reasoning skills. The images or challenges start at a beginner level […]

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