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On Games and Life Lessons

Drake received Zingo as one of his birthday gifts. I’ve previously tried playing board games with him with very little success, but he took to this game as if it was the greatest thing he had ever seen. We play Zingo, daily usually more than once, and Juliet even gets in on the action (meaning […]


Our Favorite Toys at 1.5 Years

With every new phase Jackson hits comes a whole slew of new activities, toys, and challenges. I know I’m not alone when I say that every time I get a handle on how things are going, everything changes and suddenly I’m floundering again. Jackson is about to be a year and a half old, and […]


A few of his favorite things – 1 year old toys n’ things

I thought it might be nice to compile a list of what Baby Pencil currently liked from months 12-14 months. These toys have lasted well over the past few months, so they are worth the investment! 1) Melissa and Doug Latches and SkillsĀ Board This was a hand-me-down so I was surprised when I realized that […]



I have always had a soft spot for sheep. Growing up they were my favorite animals and I loved feeding them bread at the local farm. When I was pregnant with Drake I contemplated doing a sheep-filled nursery, but ended up going a different way. As it happens this is the year of the Sheep […]


Our Favorite Lego Duplos

Charlie and OliveĀ are Lego obsessed! Their other toys don’t get nearly as much play now, so we recently sold their play kitchen and all their trains and tracks. Legos are the number 1 toy when kids come over for playdates! We’ve had the basic square/rectangle Legos since Charlie was a baby, but they never got […]


Gift for Older Siblings from the Baby

With the new baby’s impending arrival, I wanted to pick out something special for Drake and Juliet to give them when they visit the hospital. When Juliet was born I bought Drake this Noah’s Ark Set with extra animals and gave it to him when he visited me and Juliet for the first time after […]


School Birthday Party Gifts Made Easy

With over 50 classmates between them both, Charlie and Olive attend a lot of birthday parties. I think birthdays become so special to kids from 3 on, and they love celebrating all their little friends’ birthdays. Sometimes we even have two parties at the same time and have to split up with each kid, although […]

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