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Play Kitchen Food and Accessories

Last year, Colin’s big gift from his grandparents was a play kitchen and accessories. At just past 18 months, he was just inching into the world of pretend play, and I wanted to capitalize on that interest and energy. In the many months that have passed since then, his interest in the play kitchen has [...]


Dollhouses for Toddlers

Christmas is coming and I have been searching for a doll house for Juliet. She already has her beautiful dollhouse bookshelf her daddy made for her, but her developmental therapist has been recommending a small dollhouse for her to help with imaginative play, fine motor skills, and expressive speech. We got this little Fisher Price Laugh and Learn house [...]

Toys-for-Language-Development (1)

Toys for Language Development

The best toys for developing early speech and language are those that allow children to play with language. These are toys that help kids to not only learn new words, but to use those words in meaningful ways that will help them to communicate. Open-ended toys are best; these can be used in a variety [...]


Educational Gifts for Little Ones

Young children learn when they play. They learn as they discover and explore and make sense of the world around them. While nearly any toy can lead to learning, I thought I’d share some of my favorite learning specific toys and gifts for little ones since I love to give and receive these types of [...]


Liam’s Wishlist @ 2.5 Years

Since Liam’s first Christmas, I have kept an Amazon wishlist for him with items that he needs or that I’d like to get for him. I go through it every once in a while to delete things he’s outgrown and add new things, and it has been really helpful if a relative or family member [...]


The Only 10 Toys My Kids Really Play With

Charlie hadn’t been doing a good job of cleaning up his toys lately, so I put almost all the kids’ toys into a big trash bag. It’s been about two weeks, and surprisingly they do not miss them one bit! I’ve also found that the kids really play in a much more focused manner with their [...]


Go to gifts for pre-school kids

Since Drake started school this year, he has been invited to numerous birthday parties from his classmates. His class was very small this year — only 6 other kids besides him — but we ended up going to many more parties including those of family friends and friends from other classes we’ve made. Next year [...]

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