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Gift Ideas for a Three-Year-Old

Lion will be turning three in just two short months and our parents are already asking what he wants for his birthday. To be honest, Lion really doesn’t need any gifts because he has plenty of toys, books and clothes. I’m also not sure whether we’re going to have a birthday party for him, since […]


Building a Dress Up Collection

Both of our kids love to play dress up and I think it’s great that they have so much fun with imaginative play. Lion has enjoyed dress up for quite some time and when I pick him up from school, he’s often decked out as a ninja or has a piece of construction paper taped […]

Educational Benefits of Magnetic Tiles #1

What are the educational benefits of Magnetic Tiles?

Magnetic Tiles are hugely popular. My children love them and they can provide many hours of uninterrupted play. Magnetic Tiles are an open-ended construction toy that can really get the children thinking! They are bright, colorful and so much fun to use. But what are the educational benefits of Magnetic Tiles? Are they the ultimate educational […]


Our Little P turns 2!

Happy birthday Little P! Thanks for all the reasons you give us to smile every single day! Last weekend Little P turned 2. We decided not to plan a formal birthday party for him this year and instead spent the weekend celebrating as a family and with a few friends. Somewhat unintentionally, our boys have […]


Toys Our Kids Play With on a Daily Basis (Ages 2.5 and 15 months)

It’s spring cleaning time again and as we purge items from our household, trying to minimize clutter, I realized that there are definitely certain toys that our kids not only gravitate toward but play with on an almost daily basis. Again, we get rid of what I call the “ten-minute toys” and try to only keep […]


Outdoor Toys for Spring

The weather is finally warm enough to detox my kiddos from TV and play outside. Spring through Fall we are outside all day. While we mostly play in nature, we have a few outdoor toys that have been passed along to us over the years. We break these out when all the cousins or neighbors […]


Our Favorite Toys for a 4-year-old & 2-year-old

Finding a toy that makes one kid happy is hard enough, but finding a toy that occupies the time and attention of two kids is a treasure! Even though StarCakes and GemCakes are almost two years apart, there are some toys that appeal to both of them despite the age gap. Here are the toys […]

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