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Staying Spontaneous – My Secret Weapon – Toddler Edition

In our family, spring signals the start of our warm weather adventures! Last summer I published this post about how we stored certain items in our trunk so that we were more easily able to jump in the car and head off for adventure without having to worry about forgetting something. Now that Little Lion is officially [...]


Favorite 4 Year-Old Toys

At 4 and a half, Lil’ CB’s bike and basketball hoop are probably his most favorite toys. But, he hasn’t abandoned his little boy toys quite yet! Lil’ CB has definitely moved from playing with a toy for a few minutes here and there to focusing on one type of play for much longer stretches [...]


outdoor toddler toys

Chloe was about 6 months old our first summer as a family of three, and the only outdoor activity she really enjoyed was splashing in her baby pool. Our backyard gets a lot of sunlight and even with umbrella shade I was nervous to have her out for very long. Last summer, she was 18 [...]

toys for 2 kids

Toys for Two Kids

Drake and Juliet were born 3 years 2 weeks apart from one another. As their 4th and 1st birthdays draw near, I am starting to think ahead to their party and presents. While thinking of gifts for Drake is easy, Juliet is much harder. Since Juliet is my second, many of Drakes toys are there [...]

Gifts Under $25 for Age 1

Toy Gifts <$25 for Ages 1, 2, and 3!

Since I just celebrated both my children’s birthdays the past two consecutive months, I’ve still got gifts on my mind… and thought I’d do a round-up of some gift ideas less than $25 for the toddler crowd.  Here are some of our favorite toys based on age – from 1 through 3!


Toys, toys, toys

When we are at other people’s home, the gym day care or in play spaces, Colin seems to love playing with certain toys.  Before C’s first birthday, I tried to pay close attention to what interested him when we were out and about, so that when our families asked what C would like for his [...]


Our Favorite “Big” Toys

I must preface this post by saying that Baby Markers is blessed with a giant family who all live nearby, including 5 grandparents, 5 great-grandparents and a slew of aunts and uncles who all love to buy her presents. With that being said, our home has started to look like the neighborhood indoor playspace because [...]

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