Charlie is turning 2 1/2 soon, and we haven’t pushed potty training because we wanted to solve his constipation issues first, since he does not want to use the potty when he’s constipated. But we’ve been feeding Charlie pear lately like it’s going out of style in whole, juice, and pouch form, and he hasn’t had a bout recently, so hopefully we’re all systems go! Charlie does use the potty regularly — he tells usĀ  he wants to use the potty — and we know he’s been ready to be fully potty trained for quite some time. This past weekend he didn’t have a diaper on because we were playing in our backyard, and he stayed dry for 3 hours! That tells me he is really ready. The only thing we needed was a potty training rewards chart, so Minhee created this adorable one for us!

Click here to customize the chart with your own child’s name. Then print it and affix stickers of your choice any time your LO successfully uses the potty. We give Charlie A+ stickers because that’s what the teachers give at daycare for the best art projects. Charlie has yet to get one (only the oldest kids have gotten them), so he knows how special the A+’s are!