I’ve never been one of those "motherhood is the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me" type of moms. But I’m finally, really, truly enjoying being a mom. Not that I didn’t like it up til now -- it’s just that the past two months have been so much fun. Now that Charlie can really talk and express himself, I think we’re discovering what type of person he is and he is totally awesome! I absolutely love, love, love this stage. He is such a hilarious, affectionate, loving little man!

Charlie is obsessed with skateboards, bikes and scooters, so last weekend we took him to a skate park.


The biggest change in Charlie’s life is that he went to daycare from 9am - 1pm this whole week. Overall I think it went pretty well. The first day he didn’t cry when we left, but lunchtime was too overwhelming. He cried so hard he threw up and didn’t eat a single bite. The second day he didn’t cry when we left, but he cried when the doorbell rang and he couldn’t answer it. He didn’t eat a single bite at lunch, and he leapt into our nanny’s arms when she went to pick him up. The third day he cried when our nanny dropped him off, but he stopped shortly after she left (she listened at the door). He ate 2 compartments of his bento box, and he was happily playing with the other kids when our nanny arrived to pick him up. The fourth day he cried for 10 minutes when our nanny dropped him off. But he had a good day, ate most of his bento box, and was happily playing when our nanny came to pick him up.

Next Monday is the real test because he’ll be at daycare from 9:00 - 5:00pm. I’m worried about his ability to nap since he’s so used to napping in the comfort of his own crib. But so far he’s been handling everything better than I expected. He’s a pretty social little boy, and after the first two weeks, I think he’ll eventually love daycare. But I may pull him out early once a week to go on an adventure, just the two of us.

He’s still a little young to really ride the scooter... maybe in another 2 months.

Saying Bye to our Nanny

Today was our nanny’s last day, and it was really sad saying bye to her. Since we made the decision to put Charlie in daycare 2 months ago, he has become super close to our nanny. When we first made the decision, Charlie was totally a mama’s boy and didn’t seem to care about our nanny nearly as much as he did about me or Mr. Bee. But since he learned how to say her name and is talking so much, they’ve really bonded. Right now is the peak of their relationship, and I can tell that she loves him so much more now too.

Initially I wanted to put Charlie in part time daycare because a full day is really a lot for his age. But the daycare I liked best only offered full days, and daycare is half the cost of a nanny. We parted ways on good terms with our nanny, and she will come to visit. But Charlie is going to miss her so much, and is going to ask for her often for a very long time. Thinking about that makes me so, so, so sad for him.


Potty Training

When we first put Charlie on the toilet with his little potty on it at 19 months, he pooped and peed every single morning for the first couple of weeks. Then he didn’t want to sit on his potty anymore so we didn’t push it. Lately he’s been showing a lot of interest in the bathroom again. You can’t say the word bathroom around him without him asking, "Pee pee?" And a funny thing he’ll do is go inside the bathroom and close the door, and then poop in his diaper! So we started putting him on the potty again and though he isn’t back to going every day like he used to, I think we’ll slowly get there since he’s so obsessed with the bathroom in general.

Waiting for the subway...


After we sleep trained for the second time at 19 months, Charlie started waking up super early... like 5:00 - 5:30am early. So a couple weeks ago we cried it out in the mornings. We didn’t even plan it. One night we only got 3 hours of sleep before Charlie was up, so we just didn’t go get him. After 15 minutes of calling out Mommy and Dada, he went back to sleep until 7:30. He did wake up at 5:30 a couple more times, but we didn’t get him and now he’s consistently been waking up at 7:30 the past couple of weeks. On the one hand sleeping 12 hours straight at night is AWESOME. On the other hand, we have to get him to daycare between 8-9am, and it’s a mad dash in the mornings now. Mornings were also Charlie’s time with Mr. Bee, and now they have so little time together. Still this schedule is really ideal for Charlie because he’s much better rested. When he was waking up at 5am, he’d get tired before his usual naptime of 12-1pm unless we did something super active. Now he can easily make it to 2pm if needed.

This is his current schedule:

7:30am - Wake up
8:00am - Breakfast
9:30am - Snack at Daycare
12:00pm - Lunch at Daycare
1:30pm - 3:30pm - Nap
4:00pm - Snack at Daycare
5:30pm - Dinner @ Home
7:30pm - Bedtime

Charlie wanted to ride his scooter inside the skate park and was not a happy camper when we wouldn’t let him.


Charlie has never been a piggy. He never drank a lot of milk as a baby, and he’s never liked solids very much either. He shares his food with every kid on the playground, whether he knows them or not, because he could care less about food. Almost every meal is a battle, and it’s the most stressful part of taking care of him. I think his pickiness can be attributed to genetics (I have some picky family members), a strong gag reflex (he throws up easily and regularly), and dislike of certain textures (so he ate purees and soups for a very long time). More than his pickiness though, he just eats very little food. But since he was starting daycare, I worked very hard to get him to eat a bigger variety and more food at each sitting. I don’t know if he just grew out of some of his pickiness on his own, but two things I’ve done do seem to have had a big impact -- packing bento boxes with a large variety of food, and cutting food into long strips so they’re more fun and easier to eat.

Now he’s eating the best he ever has. He’s still picky and won’t eat any of his favorite foods many days. But I’m proud of him for having come so far!

Another big change is that he drinks his morning bottle cold now. One day he kept complaining his milk was too hot (it wasn’t), and since then we’ve given him milk straight from the fridge. We still heat his nap and bedtime bottles, but hopefully this is a step towards eliminating the heating step, and eliminating bottles altogether!





Charlie is talking up a storm and I can’t keep track of his new words and phrases anymore. He went from 50 words at 19 months, to 100 words at 20 months, to probably 200 words at 21 months. He speaks mostly in two and three word sentences, but his use of past and present tense and possessives is what impresses me most. I never thought Charlie was particularly smart or advanced for his age, but it’s hard not to marvel at how quickly toddlers learn at this age. They are little sponges!

Charlie is very good about using please, thank you and excuse me completely unprompted, so hopefully we’re raising a polite little boy. He answers, "Two" any time we ask him his age. He’s using real words like milk and water and Charlie instead of baby talk like baba and wawa and chacha. And he has two new curse words (inadvertent) in his vocabulary. "Frog" sounds like the f word, and he says "clock" without the l. He was cracking everyone up at the zoo when he kept saying "f***."

Charlie’s bento of the day: fried egg, watermelon, garlic bread, cauliflower, roast chicken, and cucumber.

I love Charlie so much and feel so lucky everyday that I have such a happy, healthy son!

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