Two weeks ago we took Charlie apple picking at Silverman's Farm in Connecticut.  It's a wonderful family friendly farm with tractor rides, an orchard (with low hanging apples perfect for toddlers), a pumpkin patch, a petting zoo, and a playground.  I knew this was going to be our last adventure before having Olive, so I was really looking forward to it.  Charlie had a blast, and has since become truly obsessed with pumpkins.


Charlie continues to be more and more fun with each passing month.  The stage from 19 months on has definitely been my favorite so far because talking changes your entire relationship with your toddler.  Charlie can communicate most things he wants, and I can explain most things to him in words he understands.  He speaks in 4-5 word sentences.  He understands pronouns -- for instance if I say, "You do it," Charlie will respond by saying, "I do it" or "Charlie do it."  It even took him awhile to stop saying, "I love me" whenever we'd say "I love you" to him.  Talking isn't so much about the new words he learns now, but the way he puts words together to form sentences. He really does learn so much with each passing day.  And boy is he a chatterbox.  My mom says that the daycare teachers must get irritated because he must talk all day long!


Charlie's sleep schedule was bedtime 7:30pm, wake-up 7:30am, nap 1:00pm for the past couple of months.  But since having Olive, his wake-up time has been inconsistent.  He's used to me putting him down every night, but we've had our babysitter, my mom, and Mr. Bee putting him down.  Considering everything that's happened in the past two weeks, including Olive coming home, he's continued to sleep well.  Luckily Olive hasn't woken him up at night (their rooms are right next to each other).  And naps have never really been a problem post nap training, so Charlie has continued to nap well at home and at daycare.


Charlie is still as picky as ever, but he does love olives!   One new food I've added to his diet is Dr. Praeger's fish shaped fish sticks.  A friend introduced me to them, and I think the only reason Charlie eats them is because they're shaped like fish.


Charlie throws a decent sized tantrum maybe twice a week.  Usually it's over something he wants like olives at the market (seriously the boy is obsessed with olives). Overall I think he's pretty well behaved, but I can easily see how these tantrums will escalate as he enters his terrible twos.


Sending Charlie to daycare was seriously the BEST.DECISION.EVER.  He loves daycare and is absolutely thriving there.  I have no doubt that he's learning things much faster than he would have had he continued to be cared for by a nanny.  I am now a daycare convert and will definitely be sending Olive to daycare when she is around 18 months old.

Charlie and Olive

Charlie knows that Olive is here to stay and asks about the baby everyday.  Whenever he hears Olive cry, he says "baby's crying," but he's just very sensitive to anyone crying.  He is very curious about her and wants to climb in her crib.  But since she pretty much just sleeps all day, he hasn't had too much of an opportunity to feel jealous yet.  So far it's been pretty smooth sailing, but I can't imagine that he's not going to get jealous when he wants our attention and we have to focus on Olive.


When Mr. Bee, Charlie and I got to the hospital and checked into a room, Charlie witnessed me crying through my contractions that came every 1-4 minutes.  I think it kind of traumatized him because he is very sensitive to anyone crying, let alone his mom.  Our babysitter came to pick Charlie up, and she said that Charlie kept saying, "Mommy's crying" the entire way home. I thought Charlie would really miss me while I was gone...

Dada's and Grandma's Boy

...but I was wrong.  I wasn't planning on having Charlie visit me in the hospital since I was only supposed to be there for 2 days.  Once Olive's stay got extended though, he came to visit me in my hotel room (he wasn't allowed in the room where Olive was getting treatment).  Charlie immediately ran and gave me a hug and kiss on the lips.  But other than that, it didn't seem like he missed me much at all.  I've always been Charlie's favorite, and he would call out for me every morning.  Once I was gone, he started calling out for Dada.  And then once Dada was gone, he started calling out for Grandma.  No loyalty!  I was impressed with his adaptability though.

Charlie is still favoring Mr. Bee since I've been out of commission the past couple of days that I've been home.  But honestly I'm not sensitive to favorites and I don't mind at all.  Maybe I'm weird because I think most moms would mind!

Charlie is just an awesome little boy.  He's always been affectionate, but lately he has become even moreso, giving us unsolicited hugs, kisses, and I love yous.  He's an extroverted, funny chatterbox that's obsessed with olives, pumpkins and water bus/car/truck videos on youtube (land vehicles that can go in water).  If Olive turns out to be as awesome as Charlie, then I will be one happy mama.  I love this stage and think it's only going to continue to be even more fun!

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