It’s been too long since I did a trend post. I’m not going to apologize — I’m just gonna make sure the time span is much shorter next time. So wedge sneakers, hey? It’s a touchy trend — some people love them and some people really hate them. I am in a “I think I love you, but I’m still not sure if I’m in love” mentality. I also have a pretty strong feeling these babies will be a trend we will look back on in 10 years and say “what the heck were we thinking!?” But that’s okay, because that’s all part of the fun of fashion. So without further ado, here are 9 of my favorite wedge sneakers on the market. I like to stick with the most wearable when it comes to trends.

No.1No.2No.3No.4No.5No.6No.7No.8 No.9

There is something about that cobalt pair that is screaming my name, but the price tag tells me they aren’t really my type. I think that also makes me want them more. Funny how that makes no sense, yet perfect sense.

And since sometimes it’s nice to see a full picture before we either decide to totally LOVE or HATE a trend, here are a few easy ways to wear the trendy sneaker.

Dress and Denim JacketRipped Jeans and Striped SweatshirtMaxi Skirt and Denim ShirtPolka Dot Pants and Denim ShirtBurgundy Pants and Striped Sweatshirt  – Black Wedge Sneakers

Really, I would just replace ankle booties or maybe fashion sneakers with wedge sneakers and call it a funky, casual outfit.

What do you think; yay or nay on the wedge sneakers?

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